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                     Non-Fiction: Messages from Transcendent Beings

Written as allegorical memoirs of the Grandmaster Eric Kino, this non-fiction personal development book brings clarity to many of life's greatest questions. Does God exist? Why do some people die tragically and others seem to be favored or blessed or miraculously saved? How should we live so that we can be happy and/or make a difference in the world?

Grandmaster Eric Kino is a "heavenly messenger" who actually, and quite miraculously, appeared to the author back in 1994. McCartney Green immediately began writing fiction stories based on this messenger in her series, Dandelions Never Die. Now, through miraculous circumstances, McCartney Green feels she has been directed to write Eric Kino's memoirs in order to share his wisdom with the world in hopes that his words will heal and bring light to everyone.
One of the goals of this book is to encourage the religious and the spiritual to work together, for if they do the world will be filled with light, which will bring about miraculous changes. It shows the relationship between all religions and beliefs and brings them together. Travel beyond the waterfall and see what's really going on in our world.


Through reading the series, Dandelions Never Die, I have come to see Eric Kino as a friend and mentor and was thrilled that this book offered a deeper glimpse into his life's history and belief system. One thing I found noteworthy was the stark difference in voice between McCartney Green's prologue and the body of the book, leaving no doubt that a higher being was speaking through her. I read this book and literally felt an all caps 'YES' vibrate through my body in response to the truths presented. I highly recommend any one who is looking for spiritual guidance, inner peace, or harnessing their inner power to pick this book up. Since finishing the book I have followed the main truths Eric outlines near the end and have already noticed a more patient and present demeanor as well as more powerful outcomes to my intentions."                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Jessica Jaccar~



                   Non-Fiction: Kino Martial Arts Adult Student Handbook

A Guide for Everyday Living With Purpose





This handbook is a guide for living a happy, healthy life, filled with ways to meet personal goals. It makes it easy to set up your own life in an organized and joyful way. It's as if Grandmaster Kino has come into your home to help you get started and set you on the right path. 

The Kino Martial Arts Student Handbook is inspired by the allegoric memoirs of Grandmaster Eric Kino in Messages from Transcendent Beings - We Are NOT Alone.

This manual is further allegory. Grandmaster Eric Kino is based on a heavenly angelic messenger who miraculously appeared to McCartney in 1994. Unlike this handbook, the appearance was a real happening and is not an allegory.






                Fiction: Dandelions Never Die, an 8 Book Romantic Adventure

Every book in  the Dandelions Never Die series is written about real traumas that real women and real men have had to overcome in real life. These women and men emerge from tragedy to become strong, powerful people filled with joy. Though it seems our lives are not fiction novels that always have a happy ending, we CAN overcome anything and become joyful, just like these fictional characters are bound to do. 

The Series ties, one way or another, into the same family from the first novel. The Kino family. 

First you have gorgeous and legendary Martial Arts Master, Eric Kino, (whom I based on my real heavenly messenger.)  On his softer side, he is a lonely widower who has dedicated himself to his only son. On the other side, he is a teacher and protector of mankind.

The son is movie superstar, Ricky Kino, who also has two very different sides. One a sunny and exuberant personality and the other quite deadly. 

The first heroine in the series is Shelley Adams, who was assaulted as she walked in a park in the middle of the afternoon. Struggling with the aftermath of that assault brings about the end of her first marriage. Her life changes again when she runs into Eric Kino and he takes her on as a student.

Shelley’s daughter Bree, is a wannabe actress, and Shelley’s two younger sons, Mark and Joey will, of course, grow up to be devastating leading men themselves.

All this has morphed into The Dandelions Series, beginning with Dandelions Never Die.

Read the individual book summaries below!


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This wonderful comment sums up what readers are saying about The Dandelions Series:
"I've recently finished up the sixth book in McCartney Green’s Dandelions Series. I got way more than I expected because the Dandelions Series is way more than romance. Sure the books are sexy, have hunky guys, pretty ladies and happy endings, but it’s the ride to that happy ending that is so much fun. I literally couldn’t put the book down. I neglected other pressing matters because I had to see what happens next. And later, when I wasn’t reading, I actually found myself thinking about the characters as if they were real. McCartney Green books include lots of action, suspense, intricate plots, and crazy twists and turns. They are gritty, sexy, at times funny, action-packed, educational, surprisingly, very inspirational and lastly, thoroughly entertaining. They make women want to be stronger better women. I can’t say enough about these books and I can’t wait for number 7 which she promises will be out soon..”
[This comment was made before the last two books came out.]

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                                      Dandelions Never Die - The Series

Dandelions Never Die - Book 1


Shelley Adams is a pretty, young mother with three kids who lives in a modest home in an Atlanta suburb with her inattentive husband. Her self-esteem at an all time low, she is your average American woman, right? And then the unthinkable happens. She is sexually assaulted in a public park in broad daylight. This random act of violence is the catalyst that moves her life from average to extraordinary.

Her marriage in ruins, Shelley is traumatized and emotionally crippled. She searches for some sort of empowerment and ends up in a Tae Kwon Do class at the local “Y”. While attending a martial arts tournament, she runs head long into black belt hall-of-famer Master Eric Kino, who knows immediately that she is the woman of his dreams.

Master Eric Kino reaches each day for enlightenment. He strives to live with honor, integrity and wisdom. He is renowned as an extraordinary teacher of the martial arts and as the owner of the Kino Studios operating nationwide. His fame is only helped by the fact that his son, 21 year-old, Ricky Kino, is a martial arts heart throb movie star. Eric has been able to develop a sixth sense of sorts and has dreams and visions of things to come, so the moment he sees Shelley he knows she is the woman he’s seen many times in his dreams. A woman who was in peril and a woman he is destined to help.

What he does not see is the evil lurking in the shadows, waiting to take from him what he treasures most.

Together, Eric and Shelley must reach deep within themselves to heal, to overcome, to evolve and to help teach the world the freedom and peace that comes with real love.

Dandelions Never Die Book 2

Four Days


Twelve-year-old Caroline found a true friend when she found Toby. Even as a young teen, he recognizes the signs of abuse. For a brief moment in time he becomes her knight in shining armor. Caroline begs Toby to keep her secret and he swears he will, but when they are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control he breaks his silence.

Years later, though each have done what they could to pursue their dreams, they find themselves on very different paths. Which is why they are so surprised when they run into each other in the most unlikely of places. They discover that absence can indeed make the heart grow fonder. But it's not smooth sailing. It seems Caroline is not quite finished being abused, and Toby, not finished being that knight.

Vanquishing both old and new demons together, they learn about life, about sacrifice, about survival and eventually learn to believe in love again.

Dandelions Never Die Book 3
A Place Called Home

Stunned and betrayed by those closest to her, potty mouth Lisa Lewis, begins a mad dash across the country searching for a home she's never known. Near the end of her long journey, on a lonely country road, she brazenly walks right into the middle of Chaz Stewart's cattle crossing and changes both of their lives forever.

Chaz Stewart, Iraq veteran and ex-paramedic for the Pine County Fire Department, lives in a world of PTSD hurt. He forces himself to work through the demands of each day, helping his father run the family ranch. Everything changes though, when he comes across a fiery red-head in need of being rescued.

In the small town of Pine Forest, Lisa experiences the wonders of home and family for the first time in her life. But somebody in the small town isn't so happy about her arrival. What begins as dangerous pranks turns quickly into life and death struggles and Lisa learns that real families stick together through thick and thin.

  Dandelions Never Die Book 4

Weeds Grow



Movie icon and martial artist, Ricky Kino has lost touched with himself, with his heart, with his life. He wakes up to the fact that the playboy style of life just isn't who he is. He heads home to his father's house to seek counsel and retreat and to find his true love. As it turns out, his timing couldn't be better for the minute he gets home things begin to happen, things that could destroy his entire family.

Oscar winning actress Breanna Adams, America's sweetheart, doesn't know why she's always been attracted to dangerous men. Her most recent excursion will prove to be her undoing. She runs home and finds herself in the comforting arms of a lost love and realizes, he may be the most dangerous man yet.

If you've been following the Kino family, this one has a surprise ending that will take your breath away!

Dandelions Never Die Book 5

Six Angels



Special Agent Keegan Tanner is racing to turn in the evidence he’s gathered while working undercover investigating a ruthless child-trafficking organization. When his cover is blown, he barely escapes with his life. Desperate to save the next batch of children slated for shipment, he speeds toward the field office, but a freak accident brings his plan to an abrupt halt.

Agent Tanner wakes to find himself in a small country home under the care of angelic nurse and widow, Lizzy Anderson. Though intrigued by his nurse, he is livid when his superior orders him to stay put, for he knows his presence in the Anderson home puts Lizzy in grave danger. And laid up like he is, he wonders if he will be ready to serve and protect when that danger comes calling. 

 Dandelions Never Die Book 6




Ameritech Security Agent, Jefferson Davis, takes a short vacation and heads up to the lake house he’s been remodeling, hoping to deal with the stress of his most recent botched relationship. Barely in the relaxation groove, he has to switch gears right back to security agent when he finds Mackenzie Daley, Senator Daley's much publicized missing step-daughter. He learns quickly this will not be a simple rescue.

Having survived the horrors of her ordeal, Mickey must now come to grips with the truths she has learned, while handling the overwhelming feelings of attachment to her rescuer. So grateful to be alive after her brush with death, she throws herself into living with gusto, but finds she must first come to grips with her kidnapper and his influence in her life.

Dandelions Never Die Book 7

To Protect the Innocent



Shelley Kino's boys, Mark and Joey Adams, are all grown up and taking the world by storm. Mark, a fledgling attorney and part-time martial arts instructor for the Kino schools, and Joey, Ameritech Security's top agent, usually end up doing everything together, so it's no surprise when they become interested in sisters. It's also no surprise that their relationships throw them into a world of intrigue and violence.

Bella Landow and her son, held in a prison with no bars, feels hopelessly stuck and has no idea how to get out of her situation. Younger sister Breez is a firecracker and will not rest until she knows Bella is safe.

When the foursome come together, they become an unstoppable force. The Adams brother's training under the Kino umbrella comes in handy as they come face to face with the dark secrets that threaten to destroy those they love.

Dandelions Never Die Book 8

June Flower



Final installment of the epic romantic adventure, Dandelions Never Die.

Nobel prize winner, Dr. June Flower Kino, is on the verge of changing the course of humanity when she discovers a consistent baseline for curing every disease. To others, it seems the psychic high genius daughter of the renowned Kino family has everything going for her, but she knows differently, for she never recovered from having had her heart broken five years earlier. On a higher note, it seems having thrown herself into her work has brought big rewards, not just for her but for all humanity. However, her results may be a little too successful.

The powers that be such as governments and pharmaceutical companies don’t want the miraculous changes June Flower is prescribing, believing that curing all diseases would certainly topple the world’s economy... theirs in particular. They like things just the way they are and if they can’t put a stop to Dr. Kino’s work, well then they will simply put an end to her life.

At a medical camp in Uganda, in her darkest hour, June Flower is stunned when the man in a camo t-shirt steps out to block her path and drags her into the jungle. When she discovers he’s been sent to protect her, her world is turned upside down. She realizes this callous man is hardened and dangerous, but maybe that is exactly what her bruised heart needs in order to finally begin to heal.

The entire cast of characters from all 8 novels come together to make the finale of The Dandelions Series well worth the wait!

                                     Six Angels Wins the CTRR Award!

This award, selected by Coffee Time Romance Reviewers, recognizes outstanding writing styles in all book types and genres. Reviewers choose books they feel go way above and beyond a mere 5-star review. 

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Coffee Time Romance
Dandelions Never Die Book 5 - Six Angels
Contemporary romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Special Agent Keegan Tanner is working undercover to bust up a child trafficking ring. But, someone has blown his cover, and his life is in danger. He is in an auto accident and finds himself in a nurse’s home with five angelic looking girls.

Lizzy Anderson is a young widow whose husband was killed in Iraq. She has five little girls she must now raise on her own. She is looking for a way to work and spend time with her daughters so she takes on a patient in her home.

Lizzy does not know Keegan’s true identity or that she and her children may be in danger. The attraction they both seem to feel is bigger than them both but will Lizzy feel the same when she learns the truth?

What a thrilling read. Excitement and romance all rolled in one. I love the five little angels. Who would not fall in love with them? Although this is fifth in the Dandelions series, each book stands alone. I am looking forward to reading more of McCartney Green’s work.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance 
Apex Reviews
Dandelions Never Die Book 3 - A Place Called Home
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 Stars
After she’s betrayed by those closest to her, Lisa sets off on a cross-country quest in search of a home she’s never known. Ultimately, she finds herself in the town of Pine Forest - and in the arms of Chaz Stewart - and for the first time, she learns what it’s like to have a home and be surrounded by family and friends who truly love her. Of course, not everyone in Lisa’s adopted home town is quite so welcoming, and she soon discovers that someone will stop at nothing until she’s gone...
Book 3 in the Dandelions Series, A Place Called Home is a well crafted, enthralling read. In it, author McCartney Green presents vivid characters in realistic scenarios with which readers from all backgrounds will easily relate. Through her courageous protagonist, she also successfully manages to evoke both sympathy and empathy from anyone familiar with the struggles that stem from a life plagued by circumstances lying outside the realm of our control. Despite the difficulties that threaten her new-found peace and security, though, Lisa refuses to play the hapless victim, and the strength and resilience that she displays in the face of daunting adversity is something to be admired.

A gritty and tough - yet ultimately rewarding read, A Place Called Home is a shining literary jewel just waiting to be discovered. Be on the lookout for more from this promising new scribe.

Reviewed By Tara Hopkins

Ghostwriters Literary Reviews
Dandelions Never Die Book 1
Official Rating: 5 Stars
An excellent story of how a woman takes a hurtful, horrible situation and turns it around to be a catalyst for strength and happiness. It gives women who have been brutally attacked eternal hope. It will shine a light for those in the darkest of hours and show the path that should be traveled, a path that will lead to victory. and peace.  Great Read!

Reviewer: Tabitha


Smart Girls Read Romance Too!

"It is not enough to say that I could not put this book down, even though that certainly is true. I absolutely love to read fiction, but romance novels are not my typical first pick. So needless to say I was somewhat skeptical before I began reading Dandelions Never Die. However, my doubts were immediately thwarted once... I opened the book. McCartney Green touches on such a wide breadth of issues apart from romance; issues including spirituality, acceptance, forgiveness, rape, violence, building trust, etc. She keeps her stories grounded through her wit and matter-of-fact dialogue. I found myself empathizing with each of the main characters through her character development and imagery. I particularly enjoyed all of the action threaded throughout the novel. I was constantly kept on my toes and was taken on a total emotional roller-coaster. Dandelions Never Die is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to add it to my collection."

~Jessica Jaccar - Denver, Colorado~

Men Love McCartney Green Novels
"Your writing is dynamite! I applaud your skill at writing romance and your aim of reducing or eliminating violence and abuse toward women. I think you are a strong and wonderful voice for those who are suffering."
~John Doyle~[Father of The Secret's Bob Doyle]
"Who would have thought that a romance novel could hold the attention of a GUY... but that's what happened, despite my plans to the contrary, I spent the whole weekend reading this page turner. A perfect balance of romance and action."
~Bill Romance~Pennsylvania
"I met McCartney Green through an internet forum and subsequently asked to read Dandelions Never Die. Wow! It's an absolute page turner. I finished in only a few days. I simply could not put it down. I fell in love with Shelley...what a gal! But how much can one woman take? The way McCartney wrote her to be vulnerable and yet so strong is intriguing. McCartney had me holding my breath right up to the very end. I can't wait for the movie!"
~Bruce Bergman~San Diego, CA


 (Some of the following comments have been copied from the original website guestbook. 

"Oh my gosh!!! I can't tell you when I have loved a book more and I read all the big guys. I want to read Six Angels now! A fan for sure."~Glenna~

and later...“Just wanted you to know I loved all your books. Now, I am doing something I only do with my all time favorites. I am going back and reading them again. Thanks for sharing your gift.” ~Glenna~


"I absolutely LOVE the first book of the series. (Stuntwoman Fast and Furious,Walking Dead) Elizabeth Davidovich recommended it to me a year ago, and my husband finally got it for me. I couldn't put it down!! What an amazing story with wonderful characters. The book was empowering and I recommend it to everyone!! I can't wait to read more of the series! Thank you for a wonderful read McCartney Green :)" ~Ashley Cameron~

"A friend of mine who was sexually abused as a child read Dandelions Never Die and was moved to tears by how much she related to Shelley and how empowered she felt as she read it. She's now taking martial arts and self defense classes thanks to you."
~Elizabeth Davidovich~


"All I can say about McCartney's Dandelions Series is ...Wow! All of the books are great. If I had to choose a favorite I guess it would be Six Angels. Being a divorced parent, I loved the way she portrayed Special Agent Keegan Tanner. To understand what I mean, you have to read the series.

The worse thing about The Dandelions Series is I'm going to have hold McCartney Green liable to hire a housekeeper for me because once I start one of her books, I can't get anything done until the book is finished.

Danielle Steele -  good. Sandra Brown - good. McCartney Green - GREAT!"

~Nan James~ Magic Touch Hair Salon - Riverdale, Georgia~


"McCartney, Thanks so much for sending me Dandelions Never Die. I absolutely loved it! As a fellow writer and "professional romance novel reader" I can honestly say you are truly gifted with writing talent. I know because I truly am a PROFESSIONAL women's fiction reader! I've added you to the list of my favorite writers and I'm looking forward to reading another one of your books soon"



"Amazing! (To Protect the Innocent) I couldn't put it down. It's impressive the way McCartney pulled me in. The moment I started reading she took me into another world, one that isn't perfect. Yet we learn that love and family can overcome even the worst obstacles. I love the characters and McCartney takes you to the edge of reason as they try to decide whether to cross those fine lines of morality. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this story!"

~Sandra Lindsey~

"From someone who reviewed books for a leading magazine in DC area, it's wonderful to see a writer with such passion and intrigue. McCartney has the ability to create a mystery with words. Dandelions Never Die is great entertainment and better than any movie I've seen. The characters have been so elegantly created. I wish McCartney Green the best of luck and I can't wait to read the rest of her works."

~Ginger Rogers~Atlanta


"I finished the book! McCartney, your book is so much better than so many books I've read. I have to tell you in all honesty, you're truly a wonderful writer. I'm not telling you that just to be kind. I really love the way you bring to your reader a whirlwind of emotions. I could begin a chapter feeling excited to see what's coming next, by the middle be very sad and by the end be angry as hell! There were a few times I had to say to myself myself, "snap out of it-- it's not real! I love the way you have the ability to make the reader feel what the characters are feeling. Every time Shelley took a beating-- I felt it! Or when she won I felt her victory and I was proud of her too! They became people I cared about. And I'm hopelessly in love with Eric! Yummy!!! If only HE was REAL"

~Peaches~New Hampshire~

"I am enjoying Dandelions Never Die so much. I had no ideal I would get so addicted to it. I am almost done reading it and can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series. You are such a great writer!"

~Sandra Young Lindsey~


"Mom, got another fantastic review from one of my Fitness members on one of your books today, Weeds Grow. She says it is her favorite of them all, but she said that about the first 3 too! She wants the next one. Please order it for my studio."

~Kristel Carey- owner Reflexions Health Studio~ [Kristel is my daughter and she loves her momma's writing..just keeping it real!]


"I have been a fan for a long time, since you first offered me a copy of Dandelions Never Die. I am reading the third book now and I'm anxious for the rest of the series."


“I loved the book Dandelions Never Die. I ordered it on my Kindle. It was so beautifully written. I feel like I could relate to the characters."


"I just finished reading Four Days and it was amazing!!! Caroline is such a beautiful character and Toby was such an awesome hero."


"Four Days showed how much love two people can have for each other and at what lengths they will go to protect that love. I especially can't wait to read A Placed Called Home and Expendable and of course Weeds Grow because I love the continuation of the Kino Family!!!"


"I absolutely love your books. They truly are some of the best romance novels I have ever read, but they are also incredibly inspirational as well! I can't wait to read more of your books!”~Lindsay Shinn~


“After finishing the fourth McCartney Green novel, I still can't get enough. The characters of you're books have touched my heart. I have lived the stories right along with them. Everything is so real. You are amazing!”~Amy Hines~ (My niece)

Four Days was AMAZING!! I could see every moment and felt as if I were Caroline. McCartney Green is an awesome writer!” ~Megan Pline~

“I have read everything you have put out and have been patiently waiting for more. I love them all as they are all unique and different. Can't wait for more. Glenna (a thankful fan)” ~Glenna~

“(About Dandelions Never Die.) Who would have thought that a romance novel could hold the attention of a GUY. But that's what happened, despite my plans to the contrary, I spent the whole weekend reading this page turner. A perfect balance of romance and action.” ~Bill~

“Hi McCartney, Your book is fabulous, thanks very much for sending it to me. You have a unique talent for writing.” ~Shena~

“I don't often take time to read romance novels, but this one really pulls you in. The characters unfold in a very captivating manner and leave you wanting to know what's next.” ~Lynda Pittman~

“Wow, I just read your opening page and I am hooked!” ~Pam~

“I absolutely loved Dandelions. Shelley was an emotionally scarred person in many ways and thru your book we saw her grow strong and very much hold her own! Thank you for the pleasure of your wonderful work.” ~Laine~

“Just finished Six Angels...oh, my DOD!! (As my 2 year old says) From the moment you start to the end it's non-stop action, hot sex, love etc. I am in love with Keegan and Lizzy and her girls are FABULOUS! I didn't put it down from the moment I began to read it. I'm waiting to get Expendable from McCartney Green and my hands feel lonely without a book in it from her. Don't even care to read another author AT ALL. Can't wait until an agent with any sense publishes her so we can just go to the store and pick them up whenever we NEED to. that? I need a Keegan Lizzy fix..a Eric Shelly fix, a Bree and Ricky fix, a Chaz and Lisa fix--it feels like the movie is over too soon and I'm in love with these people as if I really know them. No I'm not a crazy lady--JUST A REGULAR WOMAN mommy of two, married 10 years love my job teaching personal fitness and LOVE REAL ROMANCE NOVELS--- keep on keeping on MG you have true fans that are holding our breath until each novel is complete and we can read them.” ~Eryn Porter~(another daughter)


“Well, I'm impressed! I just finished reading "Four Days" the second book I've read that you've written so far. I'm looking forward to reading my third.” ~Lori~

“You have done it again. Just finishing up A Place Called Home and I loved it. Everything I have read of yours is top-notch. Can't wait to get to read Weeds Grow. Keep up the great work!” ~Glenna~

“ Hey McCartney~ Thanks so much for sending me "Dandelions Never Die." I absolutely loved it! As a fellow writer and "professional romance novel reader" I can honestly say you are truly gifted with writing talent. I've added you to the list of my favorite writers and I'm looking forward to reading another one of your books soon. Hugs!” ~Lori~

“You worried me and you made me cry and I absolutely loved Six Angels! of course, you knew I would. I thought I was gonna die there at the end. The epilogue was wonderful! I love how you brought everyone together. People who haven't read any of the other books get a little taste of what the characters are like. You really are genius at this. You create a whole world that is so real to me. Thank you again for sharing them all with me.” ~Amy Hines~

“"Dandelions Never Die" is a story that grabs you and pulls you inside of it. You simply cant get enough. Im still waiting on the sequel. But it is honestly some of the best romance i've read in a long time and i look forward to more great works from this brilliant author.” ~Shavonia~


"You just about killed me with this one! Four Days is a wonderful story about love and strength. The emotions I felt when I was reading were so real. Everything I read from you stuns me!" ~Amy Hines~


"Okay, I need the next book faster than fast. Everything that has happened to Shelley...I lived it with her, I cried with her, I laughed hysterically when she or her faithful companions did. And now, it is over, I need more."


 "I pulled myself away from Dandelions Never Die just to leave this comment. I am seriously addicted. Shelley and Eric have completely stolen my heart. You are amazing!"


"Very sexy. . . very, very sexy! You are a sexy genius! I love how you have created this entire world and the characters from each book keep running into each other.  And once again...very sexy. I need more." ~Karen Wallace~


"I love A Place Called Home! The twists and turns in the story just blew me away. And the way McCartney Green represents women makes the reader want to be a better person. The challenges they overcome are an inspiration to us all."


"I am absolutely hooked! (I've read Dandelions Never Die, Four Days and Six Angels.) Haven't even thought about buying from another author since I started your books. Where can I get a copy of Weeds Grow and A Place Called Home?"


"Just finished reading A Place Called Home! You are frickin awesome! I will have you know I haven't read a book since my early twenties, much less 2 in one week! lol! I loved this story as much as the first! Bring on Weeds Grow!

"I finished your book yesterday, and absolutely loved it. What a roller coaster ride it was!! I couldn't put it down. I can't see why it hasn't been published with "the big guys." I wish you every success with your novels and I am full of awe and admiration at your skill and dedication."

"OMG!!!!! you are a great writer. I am only on page 32 and can't stop!!! How do I go about getting a copy of the one I am reading and others?"

"Chapter 11 loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had to stop because laptop needed to charge.............."

I just finished!!!! I loved reading about Shelley and Eric!!! I would love to read the next one about Eric's son Ricky. WOW I cried, laugh and was amazed at how you told the story..and used the power of attraction in the story."

"Your book is fabulous, thanks very much for sending it to me. You have a unique talent for writing."


                             Pics Referred to in "Two Seconds To Joy"