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Dandelions Never Die #1 A Healing-in Jesus' Name

God has a plan. When Shelley, a young mother, is surprised by a random act of violence, her life turns into a prison of fear for which she cannot find the key. Yet when she takes one small step to help herself, God's plan begins to unfold.

Eric has known God since he was a small boy trapped in a cave where he was visited by an angelic messenger. His life is dedicated to serving God, so when he begins having dreams about a woman in peril he sets out to search for her. However, when he finds her, things do not go as he planned.

Evil asserts itself, causing extensive damage, yet miraculously, that evil is the catalyst for unlocking the door to Shelley's prison. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

This is a Christian novel, but it is no fluffy Hallmark romance. (Though I love me some Hallmark movies!) This story, and subsequent stories in the series are about real, gritty, issues that people face, and how Psalm 18:4-6 is real and true:

“The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid. The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me. In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.”

DND #2 Suffer the Children-In Jesus' Name


Twelve-year-old Caroline found a true friend when she found Toby. Even as a young teen, he recognizes the signs of abuse. For a brief moment in time he becomes Caro’s knight in shining armor. Caroline begs Toby to keep her secret and he swears he will, until they are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.

    Fifteen years later, Caro believes she has put her past behind her. Now a southern girl struggling to survive in the New York jungle, she steadfastly makes her way through each day, dealing with life’s problems, which includes her lowlife landlord. Caro doesn’t know God, but He knows her. She deals with her problems the same way she deals with everything, without complaint, straightforward, one foot in front of the other. Unfortunately, Caroline discovers she has not put her past behind her. But God has a plan.

    Country music’s most eligible bachelor, Toby Nash, doesn’t even realized he’s stopped believing in love, at least not the kind written about by poets. And then, he runs into his old childhood friend in the most unlikely of places. Stunned to find the girl who’s haunted him for fifteen years, he realizes why he’s never found love.

    Vanquishing both old and new demons together, they learn about life, about sacrifice, about survival and eventually learn to believe in love again. Through the trials they face, and the mistakes they make, they learn that God indeed has a plan.

    Author’s Note: #2 in the DND series covers many issues including child abuse, rape, alcoholism, incest and mental illness. My intention is not to dwell on these negative things but to help those who have been touched by these things by pulling them out of hiding, shining a light to expose them,  and hopefully bring the injured parties closer to God through His healing light. My intention is to remind everyone that real love does exist. It is beautiful and it is possible, for we can “do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us.”

“When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”
                        Matthew 19:25-26



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DND # 3 Finding Home-In Jesus' Name



Stunned by her own mother’s unbelievable betrayal, Lisa Lewis, begins a mad dash across the country searching for a home she's never known. Near the end of her long journey, on a lonely country road, she brazenly walks right into the middle of Chaz Stewart's cattle crossing and changes both of their lives forever.

Chaz Stewart, military veteran and ex-paramedic for the county, lives in a world of hurt and pain. He helps run the family ranch, forcing himself to deal with life the best he can. And then, he comes across a fiery, red-head in need of being rescued. But does he rescue her, or does she rescue him? God is so amazing.

Lisa has never known a real home, or family, or even understood how most people live and interact with each other. And she has definitely not known God. Chaz, who grew up going to church every Sunday and Wednesday night, who’s loving family has been there for him every step of the way, cannot find his way out of the darkness.

In the small town of Pine Forest, Lisa experiences the wonders of home and family for the first time in her life. But somebody isn't quite so happy about her arrival. What begins as dangerous pranks turns quickly into life and death struggles and Lisa learns that real families stick together through thick and thin. More importantly, her discovery that God is real leads Chaz out of the darkness and into the light


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DND #4 Weeds Grow-In Jesus' Name




Martial arts superstar, Ricky Kino, is unhappy with his "playboy" style of life. He makes three decisions: Get back to God, get back to his foundations, and to go after what (and whom) he really wants. Coincidentally, the moment he gets home, strange things begin to happen, things that begin to tear the Kino family apart. But God’s timing is perfect.

A phantom from the past asserts himself into the Kino family, intent on destruction. Seeds are planted and weeds grow rampant, trying to break apart and destroy the firm Kino foundation. Ricky must step in and take control in order to save his family and protect those he loves most in the world.

Welcome back to the Kino family. This one is a fun and wild ride that will motivate and inspire everyone. Discover how facing trials and tribulations can either destroy us, or make us powerful. How we choose to handle what God presents us with will determine the outcome. We can be God’s warriors. God is with us.   

“Weeds Grow rocks. First, I love the way Eric’s and Shelley’s story continues to grow. Ricky is definitely all grown up and more devastating than ever. So many twists and turns all over the place I feel as if I’m in a high speed car chase. Loved this one!”
~Eryn Clements~

“After finishing the fourth McCartney Green novel, I still can't get enough. The characters have touched my heart. I feel as if I have lived the events right along with them. Everything is so real. McCartney, you are amazing!”
 ~Amy Goulding~


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DND #5 Angels-In Jesus' Name



Special Agent Keegan Tanner is racing to turn in the evidence he’s gathered while working undercover investigating a ruthless child-trafficking organization. When his cover is blown, he barely escapes with his life. Desperate to save the next batch of children slated for shipment, he speeds toward the field office, but a freak accident brings his plan to an abrupt halt.

Agent Tanner wakes to find himself in a small country home under the care of angelic nurse and widow, Lizzy Anderson. Though intrigued by his nurse, he is livid when his superior orders him to stay put, for he knows his presence in the Anderson home puts the beautiful Lizzy in grave danger. Incapacitated, he wonders if he will be ready to serve and protect when that danger comes calling.

One would think Lizzy’s sweet, calm demeanor would be no match for Keegan’s tough, gruff persona, but she has God on her side. Soon Keegan will surrender to the powers that be, and not a moment too late. They both will learn that God does indeed work in mysterious ways, and that He chooses his warriors not because of their actions, but because He knows their hearts.  

“In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Luke 15:10

“Just finished Angels...oh, my goodness!! From the moment you start to the end it's non-stop action,  romance and love. I am in love with the characters. It’s as if I really know them. Keegan stirs it up, and Lizzy is so sweet and yet so strong. I didn't put it down from the moment I began to read because I simply couldn’t. Can’t wait for the next installment from McCartney Green. My hands feel lonely without a book in it from her. Don't even care to read another author AT ALL. I need a Keegan-Lizzy fix, an Eric-Shelley fix, a Bree-Ricky fix, a Chaz and Lisa fix. It feels like the movie is over too soon. No, I'm not a crazy lady– just a regular woman, single mommy of three, love my job teaching personal fitness and LOVE GOOD ROMANCE NOVELS that teach about God! Keep on keeping on MG. You’re a great writer. You have true fans that are holding their breath until each novel is complete and we can read them.”
~Eryn Clements~

“McCartney Green, you made me cry. Angels is awesome! It's so hard to put down. Keegan Tanner is a hunk! The end was terrifying and the epilogue was wonderful! I love how you brought everyone together. People who haven’t read any of the other books get a little taste of what the characters are like. You really are genius at this. The world you create is so real to me. Thank you. I absolutely love Angels!”
~Amy Goulding~


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DND #6 The Worth of Souls-In Jesus' Name




When kidnap victim MacKenzie Daley realizes there’s a possibility that her ransom will not be paid she begins to understand how expendable she is. She feels worthless, and very much alone. But God has a plan.

When that plan brings her together with vacationing Ameritech agent, Jeff Davis, she learns the terrifying truth. Yet she also learns that the truth can set her free. When her past catches up to her, will Jeff’s struggles to protect her be in vain?

Jeff’s assignment has him teaming up with the Kino family to figure out how to bring the entire mess to a satisfactory conclusion. One thing they confirm is that God loves every single one of his children and every soul is valuable in His eyes.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”   Matthew 16:26

The chemistry between Mickey and Jeff is amazing. As usual, the men in McCartney's books are of supreme quality and the villains villainous. The bad guy in The Worth of Souls is about as sick as they come and I love to hate him. I couldn't put the book down. I loved, I laughed, I cried, I gripped the edge of my seat. McCartney ROCK!!  Karen Wallace~ Georgia

“The Worth of Souls is my favorite so far of The Dandelion Series. It was surprising how quickly I fell in love with Jeff. He is irresistible. McCartney feeds the addiction and as usual, I find I’m unable to put the book down. This is a must read for anyone that likes their romance combined with adventure. And there are so many twists that shock you! McCartney is such an inspirational writer. Every time I finish one of her books I feel ready to take on the world!  Kayla Parker~ Georgia

McCartney has done it again, another page turner, great story. We get to visit characters we already feel are our friends, (or we would like to be our friends...who wouldn't want to be embraced by the Kino family?), and meet new ones to bring into the fold. Denese Straughn~ Pennsylvania

“A gripping tale. So far I think this bad guy is undeniably the creepiest. Thanks, McCartney. Great read.” Lorraine Koerner~ New Hampshire

“Jeff was one of my favorite characters from Angels and Weeds Grow so I’m ecstatic to see McCartney Green decided to write his story! Again, what a wild roller coaster ride. Also getting to see Jeffy in her rebellious teenage stage was great fun! 

~Kristel Carey~Georgia


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DND #7 Warriors-In Jesus' Name

Mark and Joey Adams, sons of Shelley Kino and stepsons of Grandmaster Eric Kino, have grown up and are taking the world by storm. Both men of God, both strong and and striving to do God’s will. Mark, a fledgling attorney and part-time martial arts instructor for the Kino schools, and Joey, Ameritech Security’s top agent, usually end up doing everything together, so it’s no surprise when they become interested in sisters. It’s also no surprise that their relationships throw them into a world of intrigue and violence. Their training under the Kino umbrella comes in handy as they come face to face with the dark secrets that threaten to destroy those they love. Though we don’t always understand God’s plan, we can rest assured that He is still working like He did back in Biblical times.  

“I wondered how McCartney was going to fit both brothers into one book adequately. I should never have doubted her. She hits, once again, on some sensitive subjects and also teaches us that not everything is black and white all the while entertaining me with action-packed suspense. Loved it! Wow!”
~Kristel Carey~

“Oh, yes, I knew Mark and Joey were going to grow up to be like their role models, hunky, deadly, sensitive men who aren’t afraid to make things right. So enjoyable! And I love Bella and Breez, totally likeable characters. Oh, and the kids... I can see more books!”
~Eryn Clements~

“Amazing! I couldn't put it down. It's impressive the way McCartney pulled me in. The moment I started reading she took me into another world, one that isn't perfect. Yet we learn that love and family can overcome even the worst obstacles. I love the characters and McCartney takes you to the edge of reason as they try to decide whether to cross those fine lines of morality. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this story!”
~Sandra Lindsey~

“As usual, I really enjoyed the book! Every book in The Dandelions Series is the best one. Now, I am truly looking forward to reading about June flower, our little psychic! I find her to be my favorite character.”
~Becki Kelly~


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