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Author ~ Speaker ~ Spiritual Mentor

“McCartney Green has a refreshing ability to take all that life has to give, and put it into a thought provoking context.  Divinely inspired,
she is following through with the next chapter in her life.  An award winning speaker, McCartney has been
a great addition to the public speaking circuit, delivering a genuine, from the heart message.”

~Karen Gelhardt~ Toastmasters, District 14, Area Director D-41


 Nicknamed "The Joy Lady"
     "So  inspiring and motivating, just listening to her makes me smile." Tatiana Clements
     "I could listen to her speak all day." Flo Bradley
     "She is able to share and convey her love and warmth to her listeners through heartfelt stories and analogies." Bill Siprelle
If you are interested in having me speak at your event, you will want to know these things:
  • After spending 2017 traveling across the country and speaking over 48 times I learned a few things about myself. I learned that I was not being completely authentic. In many cases I was giving people what they wanted to hear. Well, no longer. That is not my true purpose.
  • I WILL speak to the realness of God our Father and His son Jesus Christ.
  • I will speak about why you cannot be a Democrat AND a true follower of Christ.
  • I will teach you how to live a life filled with joy, not because of abundance or prosperity but because of your connection to the Divine.
  • I do not believe in being politically correct.
  • I am a Trump supporter and believe in our Constitution. 
  • I believe in kindness and respect and all that is wholesome and praiseworthy.
  • I am saddened and ashamed by the women who participated in the women's marches since Trump was elected.
  • I believe that blacks who stand up against the democratic party and speak for themselves will be a great movement in these, the last days.
  • I am happy to spread God's messages to all but will require the cost of travel and lodging.
  • Speaking fees are on a sliding scale. I have no desire to become rich from teaching the world to connect to God. However, I do desire to support my family.



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[Being sworn in as Toastmaster officer- L in pink]


[Winning Humorous Speech Contest Club Level]

                                                       McCartney Speaks

McCartney Green is an award winning author and speaker. 

 A listener approached McCartney after she spoke at a book festival. These were her words:

"You are a wise lady, spiritually connected in ways that seem almost magical. Your smile is a blessing, your power is palpable, and and I have no doubt that one meeting with you at the helm will change the audiences' lives forever. You totally captured my attention with your softly spoken words and inspiring messages. I could listen to you speak all day."

Unshakeable Joy - 7 Keys to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet!

●    Learn the 7 Keys to unlock the secret to attracting your heart's desires and your fondest dreams to you easily.
●    Learn why the Law of Attraction has not been working efficiently in your life and how to fix that quickly.
●    How to live a joyful life, no matter what happens and why having joy is so very important, not just for you, but for the entire world.

    McCartney Has Cracked the Code to Joyful Living! The hard work is done!
Having true joy makes us:
  • Better leaders
  • Better employers
  • Better employees
  • Better students
  • Better teachers
  • Better athletes
  • Better coaches
  • Better parents
  • Better everything!
Would YOU rather follow and/or listen to a "Debby Downer/Sad Sam" or a "Happy Harry/Exuberant Emily"?

It is completely POSSIBLE to live a joyful life.

Isn't that the essence of what everyone truly seeks?

You want money why?

You want love why?

You want to be famous why?

You want a nice home and car why?

Every one is really searching for joy.


**Employers - If your employees knew the easy-to-implement keys to living a joyful life:

  • Employee moral would skyrocket and
  • Customer service would go through the roof!

**Parents  - If you learned how to stop stressing and live in joy, and then taught your children the same thing:

  • Home environment would be happy and stress-free
  • Worry over your children's lives would cease to exist!

**Coaches and Athletes - What is holding you back? Implement the keys and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Now you can follow the super easy formula and experience Explosive Life Transformations!

•    How to feel absolute joy even on your worse days

•    Discover a two-second technique that can change your life

•    The fastest, easiest way to raise your vibration

•    Learn the #1 thing that causes disconnect and stress

•    The one simple thing we forget to do that makes us think God is not listening

•    Bask in the “secret” delicious side-effect of unshakeable joy


Target audience:

Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, Parents, Employers, Speakers

Those affected by life traumas, men and women, teens, athletes, students

Do you feel like even though you've been doing all you can,

you still don't have what you really want in life? 

Coming Soon... When the Law of Attraction Isn't Working - The Secret They Haven't Told You

Now YOU can Get a sneak peek and a jump-start. Get the keys.

Discover how to create a happy environment everywhere you go.

If you want to excel in:

Your career

Your class


  Your relationship


...then YOU will benefit from this joyful presentation!

People are looking for joy.

They feel hopeless, lost, unsuccessful, stressed over jobs and finances.

They may have suffered a horrific trauma, or are depressed.

They may have lost someone, or are confused about life.


Do you think that maybe, just maybe there really is so much more to this life than we realize?

There is!

McCartney helps her audiences to achieve joy through her easy system so that anyone searching for their bliss, or looking to overcome a horrendous trauma can achieve success.

Her goal is to have each person wake each day with Joy for NO Reason! 

Other Topics:

•    The Sisterhood of Women (Women supporting women and helping them to find empowerment and know their true worth!)
•    Spiritual You - 3 Easy Steps to Super Connection
•    Never Be A Victim Again! (Overcoming sexual assault and other abuse)
•    Beautiful You -The Spiritual Diet - Stop the Insanity! (Body Image and weight issues disappear when you follow this plan that is NOT a new diet
•    Michael's Dream - The Real Way to End Racism - It’s easier than you think and we CAN do it!
•   Teens Are Powerful (A discussion about healthy teen relationships and learning that love does not mean ownership.)

•   Common sense parenting with firmness and love  -  McCartney is the mother of 7 grown children, the grandmother to 14 and this subject is one of her favorites. Even more fun, you can send in specific questions beforehand and she will address those during her visit.

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