McCartney Green

Author ~ Speaker ~ Spiritual Mentor

                                      Pulling The Light of Christ

Pulling light is a super easy process that takes all of two seconds. Why do it? Because this quick and easy process was given to me by the Lord and it is powerful and effective. Pulling light can change your mood instantly. It can even change your immediate circumstance or situation, for example, if you are in a dangerous or negative situation. It aligns you instantly with God's energy, takes away negativity instantly, lifts your mood instantly, and calms your nerves instantly. It can heal your body. It can heal you emotionally.

Pulling light is a proactive thing. You are not sitting around asking God to bless you with His light. YOU are actually doing the work, bringing His light through your body. He gives it to you willingly and loves to see you take the action yourself.

Pulling light could actually change the world because it would fill the people of the world with light which fills the world with light. It would do away with anger and hatred. It is powerful. Ultra-powerful. Amazing that something so quick and easy is so powerful. Do this two second process before prayer each day and you will feel the Lord's presence like never before and you will become an unstoppable force.

Think of this process as a two-second visualization. Here’s what you do:

See a bright light coming from the heavens or from God the Father or from His Son, Jesus Christ. See this beautiful heavenly light coming toward the top of your head.  Some people like to embellish this procedure, seeing it come from God through a distant galaxy, to the Milky Way, to the solar system, to the planet, through the atmosphere, through the roof of the building they are occupying and finally into their bodies through the top of their heads. I don’t embellish mine so much, for it is not necessary. I find the simpler I make things, the better they work. However, others feel the exact embellish away if you want!

I usually begin by saying these words in my mind, ‘I call upon the light of God,’ or, ‘I call upon the light of Christ.’ Some people like to simply “call upon the Universal Light,” or the “light of Source energy.” Though I do not walk on anyone’s belief system, this “New Age” type of thinking is part of the problem today. Either people feel embarrassed to admit that they believe in a God, a Divine Source of Life or they simply are deceived. We cannot be embarrassed to call upon the light of God and then expect His blessings. God is real. His Son Jesus is real. The thing that is not real is the idea that this Father God is fire and brimstone and full of vengeance and negativity. God is love. His love and compassion for His children cannot be measured. He does not smite us or punish us. He does allow us to grow and learn. Sermon over....let’s pull light.

Once I say one of the phrases above, I then immediately ‘see,’ (visualize,) the light burst from the heavens into the crown of my head. I ‘see’ this light rush all the way through my body. I ‘see’ this light increase in brightness and volume as it fills my body, moves through my body and exits. I ‘see’ this light exit through my fingertips and soles of my feet to continue on into the Earth and all the way to the Earth’s core.

Sometimes I pulse this light in huge bursts and sometimes I just let it flow. Do what feels the best to you. Say what feels the most comfortable to you. What matters is you are ‘pulling light’ through your body.”

“For, where there is light, there can be no darkness.”

Now, you must understand that when you are visualizing this light coming through your body, indeed, that is exactly what is happening. Your thoughts are energy and what you think and what you say and what you visualize, IS. Thought energy exists.

When you first begin to do this, you may not feel anything. Even if you do not, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Things most definitely are happening. I ask that you give it a few weeks, performing this process several times a day. Since it only takes two seconds, that is not a difficult thing to do. I strongly believe that you will begin to actually feel the light moving through your body. When I first began to feel something, after a few weeks of doing this almost constantly, (that is, every time I thought about it during the course of my day,) it was a strange feeling in my little finger on my left hand. I realized that whenever I pulled light, my finger would stick out and curve in a strange way as if I were being electrocuted. I realized I could actually feel this power as it moved through me and I knew then that what I was visualizing truly was taking place.

Remember this is not a long hard thing to do. It is a two second whoosh of light as God’s powerful light moves through you. It’s an, “I call upon the light,” and whoosh, it is done. Remember when everyone was doing the “ice bucket challenge?” Whoosh, the ice-cold water quickly washes over you. Think of pulling light just like that, except, whoosh, the bright light washes over you AND through you, washing away any darkness, any negativity, and leaves your mind clear and connected. If it helps, think of it as the “Light Bucket Challenge.”

Feel like you want more than two seconds? Then by all means, take longer. The Lord gave this process to me as a two-second technique because He understands that the majority of people on the planet right now have trouble taking the time and He WANTS you to connect with Him. The majority of people are busy and have too much to do. Yes, it may be better for us all if we had less to do, if we had different priorities, if we had more down time. However, I was given this technique because at this point in time it is more important that as many people as possible pull light and dispel darkness. Pulling light not only helps the person doing it, it helps the entire world.

I have found that a fast explosion of light is easier for most people and makes them more willing to do it. We might balk at having to sit for 15 minutes to do a slow thoughtful light meditation, but we can’t deny the easiness of a two second whoosh of light. Remember, this is not something to replace prayer. It is something that can help you to align better when you kneel to pray.

Have you ever started to pray and it took a while to get rid of the distractions of the world and to align your thoughts with what you wanted to say to the Lord? This process helps you to do that quickly and to have a stronger connection. Pull light, pray, meditate (which is simply listening, slowing down your mind long enough so that God’s answers can make it through.) Do these three things and your life will change.

                                           Power Shield Activated

Another gift from the Lord. It is essentially done the same as pulling light. The difference is it leaves a shield of light around you for protection. Do this when you feel dark forces working against you, when you are in a dangerous situation or for a child or someone you love when they may be in a dangerous situation. See the same thing as when you pull light, only see a powerful shield around you when you are finished. Say the words "Power Shield Activated" and the light of Christ will wash through you and surround you with a shield of protection.