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Trumpers Don't Hate Dems, They Hate Evil

Posted on November 5, 2019 at 10:50 AM

This blog post is about a Facebook post I made way back in April of 2019 and I felt like I should share it on my blog. It had to do with me sharing one of James Woods’ tweets. Here is the tweet:

And here is what I wrote a few days later:

A few days ago I shared one of James Woods' tweets about immigration. It caused a hoopla when one of my so-called "friends" commented about me having hate in my heart and all my real friends chimed in. Now, I go back and ALL the comments are gone.

I don't know if the friend deleted his comment therefore erasing everyone's reply, or if I just got censored by FB for saying "dems are evil" one too many times, lol. Either way, I'd like to thank those who stepped in and came to my defense. Karen Andrews Pratt, Audrey Hurst Powell, Eydie Trust Goulding, Lorraine Koerner, Lynn Robertson Campbell, Frank Jennings, Deborah Parris Linenger. I'm probably forgetting some people. If I left you out, please forgive me.

Unfortunately, all that wisdom that was spouted by all of you also was lost. Oh well, all in a day's work I guess. I do happen to have a bit of my last rant because I put it on my word program to make editing easier... so I'm reposting it below with some clarifying edits.... just so FB or my friend won't think they have silenced me.

You think there is hatred and anger in my posts? There is no anger, and the hatred is not for people, but for evil. I operate out of love. Love of God, love of family, love of country and love for friends and acquaintances. I am a warrior and I speak out against evil. This is not out of hatred, but out of love, for I don’t want the encroaching evil to overtake anyone, or where I live or those I love.

The democratic party is evil.

They work against God to kill babies

They work to destroy our country by letting illegal immigrants flow across our border

They work to destroy our country by trying to introduce socialism and do away with our Constitution

They tried (and failed) to stage a coup using the FBI, the CIA, mainstream media and other devices to take down a legal and duly elected sitting president

They do all this and more because they want nothing more than to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America so that they can usher in the New World Order, which is the plan of the Antichrist.... therefore, evil.

The above are just a few of the reasons they are evil, I could go on and on.

Does that mean I hate all people who voted democrat? No. The leaders of the dems ARE evil. Their followers, however, are simply uninformed, blind and ignorant. I don't hate them. I pray for them and I try to wake them up. I do get frustrated with them, however, they are also God's children and I work for them... not with hatred as I’ve been accused, but with love because I don't want the evil to take them over.

I was also accused of hating the immigrants. I have no problem with immigrants. I have a big problem with illegal immigrants, not vetted, flowing over our borders, committing crimes against American citizens, running drugs, and using our tax dollars that could go to addressing so many other things, and more importantly, those illegal immigrants all encouraged to vote illegally for dems so they can steal every election.

In my post I was also reminded of the Muslims and their plan to take over the country and the world. They would love nothing more than for us to convert or die. They want sharia law introduced...and have had success with that thanks to dems, which is absolutely against our Constitution. No muslim should be in our government. If you say you have no problem with muslims so that you are being politically correct, then I feel like you simply don't understand the danger in sharia, which tells me you simply have not done any research. It is those misinformed ilk that are dangerous.

These are the things that were pretty much said in the comment thread. I wish I had Karen’s link to an article in Denver, and Lorraine’s post which had a lot of great points. People, there is no gray area anymore. There used to be. But the dem left has made their choice.

Matthew 12:30

30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Anyway, y’all keep hanging in there and fight the good fight. In love.