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Lukewarm is A Cop Out

Posted on April 25, 2018 at 5:25 PM

The year of 2017 was a remarkable year for me. I was led by the Lord to become a public speaker. I’ve never been a shy person and I’ve spoken many times, sometimes to quite large audiences, but it had been more than twenty years since I’d spoken.

Still, I followed where I was led and started on the path of speaking. I wanted to share my joy with the world. I wanted to teach everyone how to have unshakeable joy no matter what their current situation. I was given a process to overcome any trauma and stress and I wanted to share that with the world. And so, off I went.

I traveled across the country teaching people about joy. I tried to teach them that God was real, but I was careful to not step on anyone’s belief system by telling them that they could just believe in the Universe, or the light of love. I was very careful not to mention Jesus’ name, so that I wouldn’t offend anyone. I was told by some business coaches that this was the what I needed to do if I wanted to be successful. But I take full responsibility for following that advice.

By December of 2018 I had traveled all over the country and had spoken at over forty-eight events. You might call it a successful first year, yet I didn't feel successful. I spoke about God, about joy, about overcoming trauma, about finding joy, and about becoming the best you can be. Like I said, I was careful not to speak about Jesus, or politics. In essence, I was lukewarm. I was sitting on the fence which led me to feel dishonest and restless. I felt like something was missing.

Luckily, I was sick and I hurt my back. Lucky, yes, because two bouts of the dreaded flu, a back injury that wasn’t going away, bronchitis and pneumonia gave me time to sit and meditate and pray and think and contemplate and figure out what I needed to do. It gave me time to regroup and it brought me to several conclusions.

  • I was dissatisfied because I was sitting on the fence.

  • I was denying Jesus, afraid to speak to His name.

  • I had always hated the political correctness stuff because of the dishonesty and the assault on the 1st Amendment.

  • The end-times that are prophesied in the bible and in other works are definitely here.

  • I had a mission to fulfil and it was time to be true to myself.

  • No more being lukewarm.

  • I needed to overcome my fears and tell it like it is. And so it begins.

So much more to come. This is only the first post. I’ve been making a post per day on Facebook, one for each day of 2018 with messages that I’ve been led to share. I have also begun posting those messages on my website Message a Day photo gallery.

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"All Are Punished"

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 10:30 AM

[Pic by Frerieke at]

When we focus on the ugly things in the world, we give energy to them. When we look for hatred and things that hurt us or make us angry, we will of a surety find them.

Every single person has the freewill to love or hate. Every single person has or should have the freedom of speech to express how they feel. They have that right and we MUST allow that freedom. If we don’t like what they are saying, then don’t focus on it. Don’t give ANY energy to it. Instead, focus on a happier and love-filled scenario.

We cannot force anyone to love us. We cannot make laws to make people think the way we think. As a matter of fact, doing that will only cause more hatred and more resentment.

Let’s let go of trying to control the actions and thoughts of others and move forward in our own knowledge and peace of perfect love.

Let go of resentment.

Let go of hatred.

Move forward in love.

If we do not, the feud will never end.