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Choose Your Own Path And Allow Others the Same

Posted on September 11, 2017 at 11:15 AM

I've recently spoken to several different people who contacted me because they were having a difficult time. In not one or two, but in all of the cases the people who contacted me were sad, mad, and pretty much miserable. Once I spoke with them about the details of their problems, the reason for their misery was clear. Again not in one or two, but in all the cases, the source of their misery was the fact that someone whom they wished to control was not conforming to their opinion. Of course there was much more detail, however, if I were to "bottom line" it, that was the real reason for their misery.


It's really amazing how many of us just expect certain people in our lives to go along with the path we have chosen for them. Think about it. We want to control not only everything in our own lives, but everything in our spouse's lives, our children's lives, our friend's lives, even the lives of perfect strangers. We want them to do what we want them to do. We want them to follow the path we think they should follow.


When we can let go enough to allow everyone to experience their own path, then we will be able to relax and reestablish our peace of mind and even our happiness. As Grandmaster Kino says in Messages from Transcendent Beings, "You cannot control anyone else, though you may want to and you may try to and you may even succeed. However, this control will not benefit either of you. When you are able to allow yourself and others to walk their own path, your spirit will relax and alignment will be much easier in coming."

When we let go and align spiritually, that connection lifts us to a higher perspective and bring us closer to God, and when that happens, your burdens lighten, your heart rejoices and blessings abound.

Let Go to Be Happy

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM




Let go of the past. It’s a hard thing to do.


Lately I’ve tried to listen and be super-conscious of the people around me and what they are actually saying. I’m amazed by how many people continuously put themselves down for the mistakes they’ve made in the past.


Have we beaten ourselves up enough? Let’s go ahead, and give ourselves one more swift kick, one more good slap, and then, well, we just gotta let it go.


Let’s use the past only to learn from our mistakes and move on.


Let’s think of the past only in gratitude for lessons learned, experience gained, and things accomplished.


Let’s turn our heads and thoughts to the present. Let’s really “see” what is happening right in front of us. Is the sun shining? Is the sky blue? Did someone just smile at you in line at the store?


Let’s really listen to the sounds going on right now. Is there a child giggling? A bird singing, a bell ringing, a song playing on the radio? People laughing, car horn beeping, computer keys clicking? TV blaring?


Let’s learn how to be really present in what is going on in our lives this very moment, and the next and the next.


Let’s let go of any stressing about the future too.



Let go of the past. It’s a hard thing to do. Lately I’ve tried to listen and be super-co