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I Love the Patriots, Uh, AND I Love the Falcons

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 12:00 AM


Super Bowl Sunday. Such a fun day. This playoff season and now the Superbowl has been more fun than usual for me because I really liked three of the teams, Falcons, Cowboys and Patriots. I was sad to see the Cowboys lose out. But then my other two fav teams blew out their opponents to play today. Awesome! It's a win/win situation for me.


I like Tom Brady. So much to like about him, personally and professionally, and so I would love to see him win his 5th SuperBowl. I really like Matt Ryan too and would love to see the Falcons win Some say the Falcons are the underdogs, but I don't see it that way at all.


And it's not just the QB's that I like. The Patriots like to say they are a "family," and the way every single member of their team loves each other and works together is evident. Each member is utilized because each member is important. Same for the Falcons and their "brotherhood." Exact same thing. It would be so cool for them to finally go back to a Super Bowl and to win!


Either way, I'm happy, as long as they each play well and don't make stupid mistakes and don't just hand the game off to the other. I'm looking for a well-fought battle, and I think it will be.


All that being said, I wanted to get a jersey to represent either of "my" teams and alas, there were none to be found, so....I made one. Patriots on the front...and Falcons on the back. Okay, so I'm not an artist but I didn't too badly for painting free hand.


Side note: You will notice that I used Super Bowl and Superbowl, for apparently, there is an "American Spelling Crisis" about this very thing. Superbowl, Super Bowl, brotherhood, family, Brady, Ryan, Patriots, Falcons... best, best. Have fun, be safe.

Most Attractive Thing On a Football Field....

Posted on September 24, 2016 at 11:05 AM

Football can be a beautiful thing visually. All the bright colors, bands with a heavy beat, big strong guys in colorful tight pants. I love football and.... well....I hate football! I will try to explain my bipolar reaction to the game.

I've always understood the game. Back when I was cheerleader in high school, we actually knew what was happening on the field. We were as into it as the players and actually believed if we revved the crowd up enough, we could help the outcome of the game. Waaaay back then, every school's cheerleaders and bands thought of themselves as the "12th man."  Being quite the tomboy, I also played football with a lot of the guys who were on our high school team at weekend pick-up games. I was fast and intercepted many passes much to the admiration of those boys. Back then, football was plain ol' fun.

Then my 5 sons played football. All quarterbacks. All really good. And suddenly football became much more serious. I was that mom, the QB's mom, pacing either on the top stadium seats or behind the stands. Nerve racking. We all got through it. Now, one of my sons is coaching high school ball, and one of my grandsons is a high school QB. I thought I was over it, the nerves, the anticipation. And I AM much better than I used to be. But I admit, I've felt those old worries and stresses coming back. The old wanting to scream at a ref, or yell, "Are you freaking kidding me," at the play the coach just sent in. I don't yell at the players anymore, because I've begun to see them all as my own children and know they are doing the best they can do. I think it was the politics of football that made me want to distance myself as far from the game as possible.

Still, when it turns fall, and the excitement builds as each team believes they are going to do better this season, and tail-gating takes off, and the bands rev up I feel the old pleasure from a long time ago. With all that, there is one thing, to me, that is the most attractive thing on that football field and it's something I wish we could see more of, something I wish the coaches and parents would think is more important...and that is...a show of good sportmanship. Whether it's putting in your "twos" when the score is 45 to zip, or no late hitting when you're frustrated because you're losing, or even just the helping up of an opposing player. Yeah, when one player helps up a player on the opposing team, that is THE most attractive thing! Of course, I realize they may not be saying something nice, they're probably saying, "Come at me again and I'll knock you down again..." (I cleaned that up, lol.) But I like to picture in my rose-colored world, that they are doing what Andrew Luck is thought to be doing.... paying a compliment to the player for a great effort.

Yep, a show of good sportsmanship is really, really attractive...not just in football, but in every sport, in every game, in every thing. It's one of the things that sets us apart as humans. Would sure love to see more of it. How about you?

Pic from WSJ