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Dancing with The Stars Ending

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 7:45 PM

Well, then, I guess I owe everyone an apology. I was going to write each week about one of my fav shows, and then, I got so busy, I was unable to accomplish what I'd set out to do. It doesn't really matter now, however, my OCD-ness won't let me simply go on so, here is my final post for Dancing with the Stars Season 22 2016. Below is my opinion only, so don't go gettin' all huffy.

Jodi Sweetin went home too early.

Ginger Zee stayed on too long with a little help from her popularity on GMA. No offense, she is adorable, just shouldn't have been in the finals.

Wanya definitely should have been in the final three.

I'm okay with Nyle winning because what he accomplished was simply amazing.

Paige VanZant was definitely the best dancer.

Congrats to everyone. I truly enjoyed the show. Sorry I've been so busy, but for me.... that's a good thing!!

Wanya and Lindsay (

Ginger Zee (

Paige and Mark (US

Nyle and Peta (

Dancing With The Stars Episodes 4-5-and 6...mostly 6 ;)

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 8:05 AM

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I suppose I should start with an apology for not writing about the past two weeks. Life got busy and I had to let something go, and of course, that would be my “guilty pleasure.” However, I’m going to try to make it up to everyone today.


Last night’s show was awesome. I love when they reconstruct iconic dance numbers! Though, I have to say, I sure missed Derek. I still think that he and Mark Ballas are the most amazing choreographers.


First up last night were Kim and Sasha who performed a fantastic Jive from Hairspray. It was really well done and I could tell Kim was having a great time. I could also tell she was disappointed that they got three 8's. Bless her heart. I have to agree with the judges. It really wasn’t sharp enough to get nines. But don’t give up Kim, you can obviously dance! It would probably help if she wasn’t dancing on tiny stress fractures in her ankles, ya think? The week before during the “switch-up” night, Kim danced a Viennese Waltz with Keo and the judges jumped all over Keo for not dancing in “hold.” Keo said he was so large and Kim so small he was trying to compensate for that. Good try, Keo. I thought it was lovely. Those scores were 8 - 6 - 6 - 8 (Max was there as guest judge.) I first decided Kim could really move however, the week before during “Disney” night when Kim and Sasha did a Quickstep to I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book. Those scores... four 8's. (Zendaya was back as guest judge.)


Second up, Von and Witney. This was my big surprise of the night. Von did a great job with MJ’s Bad. You might think, how could he go wrong with such a great dance number, but when you’re big and not used to intricate work, it can be difficult. Last night showed he can actually dance. They received all 8's. The week before, switch-up week, went badly for most everyone and Von and Lindsay’s Jive was no different. Len and Max judged pretty harshly. Their scores, 8-7-7-7. Disney night Von and Witney performed a really nice Viennese Waltz from Cinderella. They were pretty and so were their costumes. Those scores, four 8's.


Third up, Jodi and Keo performed a contemporary number of Pink’s video, Try. It was amazing. Jodi, like Kim, was injured but fought through it. They struggled a bit on one lift, but it was still really, really good and I’m so proud of Jodi, and I just really like Keo. I even liked how he got upset after the dance with Kim the week before when they fussed at him about not being in hold. He’s a passionate guy. Anyway, this week Jodi and Keo scored 9-8-8. The week before, Jodi danced a Paso Doble with Val. They were one of a few who received good scores that night and those scores, 9-8-9-9, were well-deserved. On Disney night Jodi and Keo danced a Samba to Zootopia. I loved it even though Jodi was upset that she messed up. No biggie. Those scores, 7-6-7-7.


Fourth, Paige and Mark were AAMMAAAAZZZIIING doing the Austin Powers opening jazz number. They had originally planned to do something else but it got pulled due to legal complications so they had to start over. Their number was the best. My husband happened to look up from his computer to watch this number and said he thought Paige was the pro. Yep, she was great though I don’t think anyone, (except for Max last week,) is giving her enough credit yet. No one ever talks about her as the “one to beat.” To me, she is right up there with Wanya and Nyle. Last nights scores, 9-10-9. The week before Paige danced a Rumba with Sasha. It was beautiful and her lines were perfect. But, she smiled too much I guess. The Rumba is supposed to be an intensely sexy dance. They scored 8-8-7-8. On Disney night Paige and Mark performed a magnificent Quickstep to Toy Story’s You Got a Friend in Me. It was “To infinity and beyond!” They received all 9's!


Fifth, Nyle and Peta danced a Quickstep to Hey Pachuco from The Mask. The costuming was so great, you really couldn’t even tell it was Nyle under that mask. Nyle always dances well, but this one was a little sloppy and he was a little off. I was just telling my husband last week that I think he is usually so in sync with his partner because he really has to zero in on their every nuance. But tonight, that didn’t happen. Also, he got a little over-confident, and that’s always a precursor to a fall. They scored, 8-8-9. The week before on switch-up night, Nyle and Sharna danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz almost perfectly! 9-10-9-9, one of the few high scores for that night. On Disney night Nyle and Peta danced a cute Samba to Tarzan’s Trash the Camp. 8-8-9-9.


Sixth, Ginger and Val danced a jazz number to Janet Jackson’s Nasty. I thought Ginger did an awesome job. She can obviously dance, but needs to be a little more precise in her movement. I could tell she was disappointed in her all 8's, but I think those scores were low because, she just can’t be, “nasty.” Her bright smile during the number took away from the intensity she was supposed to express. The week before Ginger and Mark danced a bright yellow saucy Salsa and she got four 8's. On Disney night, Ginger and Val performed a Foxtrot to Belle from Beauty and the Beast and it was FANTASTIC! They received all 9's! Don’t be discouraged Ginger, you’re doing great!


Seventh, Doug and Karina performed Bollywood from Slumdog Millionaire. He did a great job and obviously was having a blast! It was his last dance because at the end of last night’s show Doug exited the show. But he did a credible job and I really grew to respect him even more, not so much for the dancing, but for who he is on the inside. They scored all 7's. They also got four 7's the week before when Doug danced a Tango with Peta. On Disney night Doug and Karina performed a Jazz number to Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins. It was, well, a good try! They received four 6's.


Eighth up, Wanya and Lindsay danced a “Jazz” number from Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye. As usual, Wanya delivered an almost perfect dance. He was awesome, and their scores reflected it, 10-9-10. Almost perfect! The week before Wanya danced with Lindsay’s best friend, Witney and did a great job, but Len and Max thought there was too much movement “up top” for the Tango. They scored, 8-7-7-8. Disney night Wanya and Lindsay did an awesome Samba to Lion King! 8-9-9-9.


Last up last night, Antonio and Sharna received three 9's for their production of Footloose! I’ve always loved that number. It just makes you want to get up and dance! I think Antonio struggled a bit with it, but the scores say differently. There was a little bit of an uncomfortable feeling because his partner, Sharna, the week before said she thought Wanya may win and that upset Antonio. He wants her to be totally loyal and believe in their own team, and I get that, but I felt sorry for Sharna. She wasn’t being disloyal as much as being totally honest. I think she has a little more experience and logically, she “called it like she saw it.” However, I’m sure in retrospect she would take it all back, because she didn’t mean to show disloyalty to the “team.” The week before Antonio danced a ChaCha with Karina and received low scores, so that may have contributed to Antonio’s hurt feelings. 7-6-6-7. On Disney night Antonio and Sharna did a fantastic job dancing a Jazz number to Aladdin’s Never Had a Friend Like Me. Carrie Ann called Antonio a “smooth operator,” and he certainly was. Their scores, 9-8-9-9.


Not dancing last night or switch-up night because they went home after week four, was Marla and Tony. On Disney night they a very pretty Waltz to Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World. Both Bruno and Carrie Ann commented on Marla’s natural elegance. I agree. Still, she only received four 7's. I wish she could have stuck around a few more weeks because I love when older women come out and show that you’re never too old. Oh well. Thank you, Marla.


So that’s it. Next week, I think are the team dances and I think they are going to do guys against girls. Not sure if I like that, but we’ll see how it goes.

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DWTS Episode 3 - The Stars Most Memorable Year!

Posted on April 5, 2016 at 10:45 AM

MISCHA BARTON & ARTEM CHIGVINTSEV exited this week  [photo from]

 DWTS Episode 3 theme was most memorable year for each star. This night on each season is usually full of emotion and gives us a glimpse into each of their lives. Last night was tremendous. I heard some wonderful, amazing, lovely and sad stories and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!

One of the very best things I love about this show is how supportive and loving the cast is to each other. I think it makes the show so very high vibrational and it just makes me smile in my heart! 

1) First to dance was Ginger and Val who performed a contemporary number to Phillip Phillips’ Home. Ginger’s most memorable year was 2013 when she met the man whom she would marry, Ben Aaron, at the fountain outside New York City's Lincoln Center. They fell madly in love and apparently that fountain has been a part of their relationship every since. (First kiss, etc..) Ginger did a great job with her number. I always love the contemporary dances and this one was no exception. Though it wasn’t perfect, it was beautiful. Well done Ginger Zee! (Her name just demands you say  both sometimes, lol!) Their scores 7  - 7 - 7.

2) Doug and Karina performed a Waltz. He chose 2015 as his most memorable year and with good reason. His emotions were raw as he told the story. His father had been ill and finally passed away. His mother then rose and crossed the room, approached his father and kissed him on the forehead, and then, she simply fell forward and “was gone.” When I heard this story I was blown away. He said he just wanted to make them proud. Still trying to prove himself, even to them. My heart went out to him. Their waltz was much better than I thought it would be. He put a lot of effort into making it smooth and graceful.  Great job! Their scores 7 - 6 - 7.

3) Kim and Sasha performed a Foxtrot to the old Facts of Life theme song. Kim chose as her year 1976, when she nervously auditioned for a Mrs. Butterworth syrup commercial. She was very intimidated by the large, highly competitive group who were there to audition, which included Janet Jackson. But her mom gave the 6-year-old a pep talk and she went for it and got it! That was the beginning for her career and it changed her life, obviously. Their Foxtrot was rock solid, graceful and well done. Len said it was like maple syrup, smooth and tasty. Their scores 8 - 7 - 7.

Coming back from the break we got to see a tiny bit of the awesome  jazz dance performed by troupe members Shannon and Hayley.

4) Von and Witney performed a contemporary number. As expected Von chose 2016 as his most memorable year, the year he and his team won the Superbowl and he was awarded the MVP. I loved the story about Von’s father not wanting him to play football and his mom sneaking him off to play on the weekends. Though once his father found out he was playing, he supported him. Even more I love that Von uses Phil Collins’ song, In the Air Tonight to get psyched up for the games. And even more than that, I LOVED the expression on Von’s face when Bruno describes him as a superhunk. They did a respectable job. The lifts were great!  Their scores 7 - 6 - 7.

5) Marla and Tony performed a jive, one of my favorite dances. Marla chose 1993 as her most memorable year as it was the year her daughter was born. I’ve gotta say, that Marla is such a darn classy lady, I just really like her. She is so positive and .... up. Her dancing to Happy is perfect. She was a little soft in energy, but, that’s just her and I like her. Their scores 7 - 7 - 7.

6) Antonio and Antonio and Sharna with a Foxtrot. Nope that’s not a typo. Antonio chose as his most memorable year 2007, a year he set college records (not the only year he did that,) and the year his first son, Antonio,  was born. Love how much Antonio loves his kids, (four of them) and how he’s vowed to be a great dad, something he knew very little about. Little Antonio performed with his Dad in the number and they all did a great job. Their scores 7 - 6 - 7.

7) Paige and Mark performed a Paso Doble. First let me say that I’m very happy to see Mark is feeling better and is back. That’s not to slight Alan who was awesome to come in last week and dance for Mark last minute. Paige chose the year 2014, when she won her first UFC championship. She went in against an undefeated opponent and won, because she truly believed she could. This was an amazing transformation after she was bullied so much in high school that she went from being a 4.0 student to never showing up for class. Bullying... I just don’t get it. But that’s another whole story. Let me just say, parents, check to be sure YOUR child is not doing that bullying. Some of you may be surprised. Back to the dance.... Mark’s choreography is always cutting edge and tonight was awesome. Len didn’t like it because it wasn’t the normal type Paso, but as Carrie Ann pointed out, it’s choreography like Mark’s that keeps this show moving forward. And as Carrie Ann also said, their number was “bad ass!”  I agree. If you just take time to watch Paige’s lines, her grace, her ease of movement, she is really a top-notch dancer. Their scores 8 - 7 - 8.

8) Jodi and Keo performed a Foxtrot. Jodi chose 2015, the year she came back to do Fuller House, as her most memorable year. She describes how she grew up on Full House from age 5 to age 13 and suddenly it was over. She felt like she’d lost her family, likened it to a death that she was unable to grieve. She fell into the depths of despair using drugs and alcohol. She’s been sober now, I think she said, 5 years. And then, they called her for Fuller House and she thought, “What a gift!”  I’m so happy for her, that she has been able to defeat her demons. I hope she continues to heal. Keo’s choreography for the Foxtrot, much like Mark’s, was out of the box and I love it. Their number was awesome and finally, Jodi is beginning to show what she can do on the dance floor. Their scores 8 - 7 - 8.

Coming back from break we got a glimpse of Jenna, Alan and Kiril in a powerful Paso Doble.

9) Mischa and Artem performed a Samba. Somehow I think Mischa got the news that she needs to focus on the good and not “the bad.” She chose 2008 as her most memorable year as it was the year that brought much change in her life. She actually smiled during rehearsal and during her number. Focusing on the positive made her performance much less painful to watch. I mean, let’s face it, she’s not great at dancing, so that’s when she needs to let the fun take over and just be grateful for being able to do the show. That seems to be what she did. Their scores 6 - 6 - 6. Later in the show, we discover that Mischa was the next to be eliminated. I hope she was able to learn from her experience and discover that “reacting” to a circumstance is not conducive to a happy life. She can “choose” to be happy and focus on the good things and that will bring her many more good things.

10) Wanya and Lindsay performed a Waltz to the National Anthem. Yep, you heard that right! Wanya chose the 1996 as his most memorable year. It was the year of the Atlanta Olympic Games. If you recall, there had been a terror attack during the games and Boyz II Men were singing the National Anthem in the closing ceremonies. Wanya says they just wanted to do a good job and make it beautiful for everyone after all that had happened. They nailed it and he said, it was then he thought they had truly arrived. So Wanya and Lindsay danced to that version of Boyz II Men singing the National Anthem. She had to come up with way to make it a Waltz and to give it a beat and she did an amazing job. Their dance was beautiful. Their scores 8 - 8 - 8.

11) Last but definitely not least, Nyle and Peta performed an amazing Tango! Nyle’s most memorable year was 2012. He’d been born into a deaf family and in 2012 he decided he wanted to discover the world. He traveled without an interpreter and became fearless. He is amazing and Peta too is amazing and their Tango was amazing! Top scores of the night... 8 - 8 - 9.

Next week is Disney week and Zendayah Coleman will be back as guest judge! Zendaya danced with Val in Season 16 and was fantastic! She is adorable for sure!




Dancing With The Stars-Episode 2

Posted on March 29, 2016 at 4:10 PM

Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska [pic from tvnewser]


It’s so much fun to get home late on a Monday night, looking forward to relaxing before bed and then remember, oh, wait, I have a recording of DWTS to watch! Okay, let’s get this mirror ball rolling.

First of all, I want to say that I think the scoring by the judges was a little bit more in line with my thinking this time, except for one. We’ll get to that one in a bit. I also want to say that Carrie Ann’s braid was really pretty and feminine. I like it.

Up first were Jodi and Keo with a Samba. I gave you last names in the first edition, we’re on a first name basis now, lol.  I thought she did great though I still feel like Jodi hasn’t broken out of her shell yet. I wish I could help pump up her self-esteem a bit.  Keo told her in rehearsal, “Don’t be desperate...and bring that energy!” He’s so supportive and seems to realize she needs a boost. I’m lovin’ me some Keo. Even the judges wanted to help Jodi. Bruno said, “Don’t doubt yourself.” He’s right. Come on, Jodi, we love you and you can do this! Go for it.  I think her scores will go up soon. Tonight’s scores... 7 - 7 - 7. A little lower than she deserved..IMHO. Still, she went first and I think that hurts because they want to keep them low at first.

2) Marla and Tony performed an Argentine Tango. Marla is just so darn pretty and graceful and elegant. She seemed a little detached to me and at least one of the judges agreed with me. Len said it lacked intimacy but was clean and polished. Carrie Ann said it was elegant and classy. Exactly. She has such good lines. I love her all natural way of life. I know some people who do all those things she was talking about. Their scores 7 - 6 - 7.

Coming back from break Dennis and Jenna were doing a cha-cha. It was so hot. Wish we could have seen the whole thing. I love watching the pros dance. After some research I have found the names of the Season 22 Troupe. Their names in this photo (which I found on from L to R are Shannon Holtzapffel, Jenna Johnson, Kiril Kulish,  Dennis Jauch, Hayley Erbert and  Alan Bersten.

 3) Geraldo and Edyta tried hard to do a Salsa. Geraldo impersonated ‘The Donald’ and they had great fun. There was a bit of improvement and Carrie Ann agrees. Len said he came out and gave it his best shot and Bruno called him a source of inspiration. Bless his heart. Scores were 5 - 4 - 4. At the end of the night Geraldo was the one to leave the show this first elimination. I think he may have been relieved, though I hate to see Edyta sidelined. It was her first time back after having a baby and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

4) Next, Paige and Mark, only it wasn’t Mark. Mark hurt his back just a few hours before showtime. I haven’t heard how bad the injury is yet. I hope it’s not as serious as it seemed to be. Pro troupe member Alan stepped in and learned the routine in short time. I guess that’s why they’re called “pros.” That’s hard on Paige to learn the dance with a new partner, but you couldn’t tell. She and Alan were great. Paige is a powerful presence when she’s dancing. I still think she’s one of the top. Mark’s choreography was awesome as usual. Alan was awesome too, but I hope Mark is okay and can come back, cuz I think he and Paige have a real chance. Their scores,  8 - 8 - 8.

5) Antonio and Sharna performed an intimate, sexy, Rumba. With those two beautiful bodies, how could it not be sexy? They did a great job but had points taken off for a lift. We won’t talk about the “blood flow” comment. They did better than their scores show. 6 - 6 - 7.

6)  Next up, Tootie, oh shoot, I mean Kim and Sasha.  They did a Salsa to to Conga by Gloria Estefan, a song I loooovvvveeee! If that can’t make you move, nothing can. Apparently Kim loves Gloria Estefan and so Sasha surprised her by getting Gloria on the, I don’t know... facetime? Instagram? Skype? Google Hangout? Something like that. Kim was very excited. She did a great job on her number, though she had a little mess up. Their scores, 7 - 6 - 6.

I was excited to see that Noah Galloway dropped by. The double-amputee Iraq War veteran was on Season 20 of DWTS with partner Sharna Burgess.

7) Nyle and Peta performed a Rumba. I thought it was wonderful, but Len and Bruno felt like it was too intense and too aggressive and hectic. Carrie Ann thought it was stunning and so did I. They took off points for a lift. I was surprised that one of the judges hasn’t told Nyle to keep his bum tucked.  I love what Nyle had to say. He said that first show was the most memorable experience of his life. He thought people would see him as a sympathy vote, but he’s a dancer! Yes, he sure is! Their scores 7 - 6 - 7. Too low. :(

In the audience they showed a quick shot of Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the ballroom dancer who lost her leg in the  Boston Marathon bombings and announced that she would be running the Boston Marathon again when it takes place in a few weeks! You go girl!

8 - Mischa and Artem with a Cha-Cha. In rehearsal she was worried and frustrated. If we can learn anything from Mischa, and we can, we see a perfect example of being your own worst enemy. Her  performance was a good try. The judges tried to encourage her. Carrie Ann told her that people’s hearts want to embrace her and lift her up, that’s why they love this show... yes, we do! Here’s what we can learn from her. I wrote down just a few of the phrases she said after her dance. “...really bad...really rough... kinda tough...” If she perked up, focused on the positive, just tried to have fun, and maybe even, be grateful that she is there because soooo many of us would love to be in her place, then I think things would go better for her. Preach over. Their scores, 5 - 5 - 5.

9) Von and Witney danced a Cha-Cha though Bruno said there wasn’t much Cha-Cha in it. Love Von. He has a great attitude. He still seems a little ...unleashed... I guess, but I think if he really applies himself and actually tries to dance a real ballroom dance, he might be great. His passing gas fines were hilarious and I’m glad they are donating the money to a charity. I enjoyed their dance. Their scores, 7 - 6 - 7.

10) Wanya’ and Lindsay did a fantastic Salsa. I loved it. He is up there at the top with Paige as far as I’m concerned. He’s already lost 15 pounds and he says he just wants to look like a dancer. Well he’s looking great! And while we’re talking about looks, come on, did you see Lindsay’s dress/costume? That girl is smokin’!!!! Their scores, 8 - 8 - 8. Tied for first with Paige!!

11) Doug and Karina with a Paso Doble. Sooooo much better. Doug came across as powerful and masculine and moved with confidence. So glad to see this. Way to go. Their scores, 7 - 6 - 7.

12) Ginger and Val rocked a Samba. If they judged just on Ginger’s legs they would have 10's. Gorgeous. They did a great job, though Ginger slipped a couple of times. I’m sure their scores would have been higher if not for that. Their scores 7 - 7 - 7.

So that wraps the night. If you missed it earlier, Geraldo was the first to exit. It was a great night and the scores were a little more in keeping with what I was thinking. We’ll see who surprises us this next week!

Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Opening Night (and my pics for winner!)

Posted on March 23, 2016 at 8:00 PM



 I  have a few guilty pleasures and Dancing With The Stars is definitely one of them. There are many things about the show that I love, but one of the main ones is watching the camaraderie develop from week to week. Everyone is so supportive of each other and that makes this show high vibrational which makes it absolutely worth watching! I've thought about writing a blog about the show each season, and now, finally, I'm doing it. That being said, let's get into it. Since there are so many dancers to write about this first time, I will do six today and six tomorrow.

 Last night's show, Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello to judge Carrie Ann Inaba, love her enthusiasm and honesty. Wonder how many times she'll fall out of her chair this season. Hello also to judge Bruno Tonioli who is usually upbeat and positive while delivering his innuendo-filled remarks. Welcome back, Len. I hope he will try to be kind. I loved last season because all three judges were positive and uplifting. I will miss Julieann Hough, however, it's no surprise that the adorable talented young lady has a lot of things going right now. I heard that she promises to come back at some point. I'm personally hoping it's as a dancer! Brother Derek too will be missed. He has always been one of my favorites. Currently he's doing Singing In the Rain on Broadway and I'm sure his audiences are in for a real treat! One more thing before I get to the dancers... Hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin them. I loved Brooke Burke too, but I can't be mad at Erin for the way Brooke's "letting go" was so poorly handled. A little integrity and class would have gone a long way in that area.

 Moving on, first up, "little Tootie" Kim Fields and Sasha Farber did a chacha. Kim is looking fabulous and I guess I can't call her "little Tootie" anymore since she is all grown up. She did a great job and I agree with Carrie Ann, she's a firecracker. Gotta root for the "home team" a little bit since she's in Atlanta. Sasha is not only gorgeous but like all the pro dancers...has an impressive resume'. Read about him here...  Their scores, 7 - 6 - 7. Pretty much right on. I have no doubt she'll improve. 

 2) - UFC fighter Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas with a foxtrot. Oh yes! I was excited to see that Paige has a feminine side too. I have to root for her because she's a fighter, like Shelley in my novel, Dandelions Never Die. Shelley too definitely has a feminine side. Not only was Paige beautiful last night, but she did a great job. Great lines, graceful and shows great potential. She's in my top five to win. Of course, with Mark Ballas, whom I love and who I think has some of the most innovative and artistic choreography, she is in good hands. You may notice that I will focus on the pro dancers quite a bit and with good reason. They are all so very impressive and have worked hard to get to be as awesome as they are. I loooovvveee the pro's. Read about Mark here.... Their scores 7 - 7 - 7.

 3) -  Big time QB Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff also did a foxtrot...sort of. Well, he wasn't the worse. They danced to Sweet Caroline in honor of Boston/NE. Loved hearing the very human side of Doug, stating that throughout his life, things didn't come easy and he always had to prove himself. He stumbled a bit on the dance, but hey...Karina's dress was smokin'!!! No, really, it was beautiful! Read about Karina here.... She's pretty awesome! Their scores 5 - 5 - 5. Hopefully he will loosen up and not be the first to go home. 

4) - Full House middle sister Jodi Sweetin and Keo Motsepe performed a tango. I love Jodi and I LOVE Keo so this should be a great team! They did a great job and I only expect them to get better. I just wanted to hug Jodi when she talked about her insecurities as an adult and wandering what people will think about her. Hey, Jodi, don't you worry about that. You are loved. She had good lines and did an impressive job. I'm really hoping she and Keo will make it to the top five. Keo, from the moment I saw him like, three seasons ago I think, I thought, wow, this guy can dance. His flair reminded me of Derek Hough and I am glad he won't be one of the first to go this season. I'm rooting for these two. I hope Jodi doesn't worry about the "expression on her face." I got it..she was trying to look fierce for the tango. Read about Keo here....   Their scores 7 - 6 - 7.

 5) - Journalist Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska with an attempt at a chacha. Well, Geraldo is 72, so...good for you. Edyta, and welcome back to this gorgeous young lady!... did what she could. Mostly this is going to be a dance around him type deal, but maybe he can loosen up and do a little better before he has to leave. I have faith in him. Read about Edyta here...  (At this link it actually said her bio was coming I hope it is there by the time you click on it.) Their scores 5 - 4 - 4  were the lowest of the night, but I doubt they expected any more. If Geraldo goes home soon, I hope Edyta will at least be featured in many of the pro dances. 

 BTW, the pro cast who aren't paired up and perform all the other numbers...they are rockin' too. I don't know all their names yet this season, but that Jenna.... that girl is awesome! 

6) - Marla Maples and Tony Dovolani performed a quickstep, a beautiful quickstep I must say. She was like an angel floating over the floor. I was pleasantly surprised. She is, of course, known as the ex- Donald, but she has a lot more going for her. One of the most interesting to me is her "single "House of Love," off her album The Endless, features Deepak Chopra and LogiQ Pryce, and won the Hollywood Music in MediaAward (HMMA) for best song in the Ambient/New Age category." (From her Dancing With The Stars Bio on Fifty-something Marla is a beautiful lady. She had a few missteps in her dance, but her smile and happiness overcame any little mistake she made. I hope she sticks around a long time. Tony is amazing, and so kind, and such a gentleman. Love him. Read about Tony here.....    Their scores 7 - 7 - 7.

Pictured Witney Carson and Keo Motsepe

 So, let's get on with this delicious night! That brings us to the 7th dance....Wanya Morris!

 7) - Wanya Morris and partner Lindsay Arnold performed a cha cha. Wanya,  representing his peeps from Boys II Men said he was looking forward to having a great time, losing some weight and meeting some great people. Well, I have a feeling he is going to do much more than that. He did a great job. I knew he could move, but I didn't expect him to be so smooth. Bruno called him delicious. He is blessed with a delicious partner, Lindsay Arnold, who is one of my fav dancers, of course, she trained with the Ballas' so, yeah, she's good. Read about Lindsay here....  They received a great score and I think he may end up in my top five. Their scores 8 - 7 - 8.

8) - Next up, the lovely Ginger Zee and the beautiful Val Chmerkocskiy (yes, I can call a man beautiful...I call Chris Hemsworth that all the time, lol.) Ginger, the GMA meteorologist, was adorable trying to 'pump' there in the dance studio in front of Val.  He didn't know what to think. Hat's off to Ginger for having just had a baby three months ago and going for it in front of the world. She was beautiful and vivacious and she pushed hard. Maybe they call her "Ginger" for a reason. They danced a jive, a hard dance, especially when you're breastfeeding. Ginger and Val are going to be great together. Read all about Val here....   Len said Ginger was sunshine, and I agree. They also received high scores 8 - 7 - 8.

 9) - Ninth to perform were actress Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev. Mischa seemed a little stiff and a little lost during her tango. My heart went out to her. She is so pretty and so sweet and she looked so sad after Len's comments. I was happy that Erin Andrews had some comforting words for her in the interview. Mischa has never danced before, but I'm thinking she is going to improve greatly with Artem as her partner. He is kind and seems to be able to sense her feelings. He has quite the resume and was a finalist in So You Think You Can Dance in 2014. Read about him here....  Their scores were not the best, but they were also not the worst. 5 - 5 - 6.

10) - Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd. Their cha cha was aawwweesssooommmeee! Nyle is totally deaf. He got recognition as a winner of America's Next Top Model and is an actor and spokesperson. He did a great job, stayed right on the beat. Great job to the lovely Peta too, who is going the extra mile in working with Nyle, teaching him to dance and her learning sign language so that she can communicate with him. Learn more about Peta here....  They have an uphill battle and they were beautiful to watch. Deafness aside, I think Nyle is going to be a contender for sure. Their scores 8 - 7 - 8. 

 11) -  Pittsburgh Steelers' own MVP Antonio Brown dancing with one of my very 'favoritest' pro dancers, Sharna Burgess. I knew Antonio would be able to move, and I wasn't wrong. He does need to work on his toes turning in and keeping his frame up. His feet though are fast and he came out like a beast. They performed a quickstep, one of the most difficult dances right out of the gate. Let's talk about Sharna. Every time I see her I think, how can a woman be so very beautiful. And the dress... I mean, wow! I don't mean to minimize her by speaking of her appearance... she is an amazing dancer and her choreography is top notch! Really looking forward to what she has planned for Antonio. Read about Sharna here....  Their scores 8 - 6 - 7.

12) - Last but definitely not least, Von Miller, Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl 50 MVP partnered up with gorgeous Witney Carson. Von's attitude was awesome, humble and hardworking, and Witney was called a Barbie Drill Sergeant. Love that! Witney is tough and a ball of energy. Read more about her here....  Von is big and a little cumbersome, but he can move. Eventually one of the judges will address his big hands and how he can be more graceful with them. A foxtrot is a hard one when the partners are so physically different, one giant, the other tiny. Their high score surprised me, but hey, we'll take it! 8 - 6 - 7.

 So, Carrie Ann called the night, "All Kinds of Good." And I agree. I'm excited to see how the season progresses. 

I've been trying to settle on a top five, but I'm having a little trouble. I think the world would pick Wanya, Antonio, Nyle and Ginger for sure...and maybe Von Miller though I think his score was a little inflated. I'm saying that Jodi Sweetin and Paige VanZant maybe a little underestimated. I think Paige's numbers were lower because she was near the front of the lineup and they were trying to keep them low and Jodi can dance, she was just nervous. I expect these two ladies to improve greatly and surprise some people. With partners like Mark Ballas and Keo, I pick them. 

 So, my top five, Paige and Mark, Wanya and Lindsay, Antonio and Sharna, Nyle and Peta, and Jodie and Keo. . . followed up closely with Ginger and Val. 

 Either way, I love them all. Who do you pick?