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The Cross in My Pocket

Posted on November 2, 2019 at 9:00 AM

My husband, Larry, found this card in his dad's wallet after he passed away in 2003. He shared it with me today. Here's the poem... in case it's too small to read.

The Cross in My Pocket

I carry a cross in my pocket a simple reminder to me,

of the fact that I am a Christian no matter where I may be.

This little cross is not magic, nor is it a good luck charm.

It isn’t meant to protect me from every physical harm.

It’s not for identification for all the world to see.

It’s simply an understanding between my Savior and me.

When I put my hand in my pocket to bring out a coin or key,

the cross is there to remind me of the price He paid for me.

It reminds me to be thankful for my blessings day by day,

and to strive to serve Him better in all that I do and say.

It’s also a daily reminder of the peace and comfort I share,

with all who know my Master and give themselves to His care.

So I carry a cross in my pocket, reminding no one but me,

that Jesus Christ is Lord of my life if only I’ll let Him be.

Verna Thomas, Agora Inc.

©All rights reserved

Guess What is Putting Cracks in YOUR Armor?

Posted on May 27, 2018 at 2:40 PM

Armor? What armor? Armor to keep us safe from what?

There are sooo many things going on behind that scenes that we cannot experience with our five senses. There is an entire spiritual world out there that is real. How do I know? I've been both blessed and cursed to have experienced parts of that spiritual world. I've had an angel or heavenly messenger appear to me at one of the darkest times of my life. I've had visions and dreams. I've had Jesus come to me and speak to me as I walked in a park one day. I've had angels speak to complete strangers about me. And it has been given to me to be able to see some of the dark forces that we are up against in our lives.

One night I felt a strange presence in my room. I opened my eyes and saw a large black spidery blob looming over me, its tentacles moving as if casting a web. I closed my eyes, but even with my eyes closed I could still see it. So I opened my eyes and began to use light to rebuke it. It took several minutes for me to be able to overcome it. After that, I was spiritually taught about this whole other world that exists. It DOES exist. In the universe there are forces of light and forces of darkness. The darkness works every day to get to us. The darkness wants to make us feel sad, angry, lost, depressed, discouraged, downtrodden, jealous, mainly, to destroy us.

There are things we can do to stay strong, to erect shields, including the pulling of light which I describe However, today's post is about one of the main things that is putting cracks in your armor. That is the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol, every single time you consume it, makes little cracks in your armor and those cracks allow the dark forces to come in quickly and take charge. This consumption of alcohol is one of the main reasons why the darkness and evil and consuming our world so quickly and completely. Think about it. Except for a few religious sects, most everyone drinks from a social glass of wine to everyday whiskey drinkers. It doesn't matter which place you fall. Any drinking is slowly destroying you.

I've come full circle. I never drank until I turned 40 and then I went on a little binge for a few years and then as Jesus and light came into my life I began to realize that there was just no good reason to ever give the darkness an edge on me. But hey, don't take my word for it. Pray. Ask. Meditate so that you can hear the answers. They will come. Be strong and put on the armor of God. And stop letting those bad guys in.

We Are NOT Alone

Posted on March 6, 2017 at 2:45 PM


I recently watched the movie "Passengers" and being claustrophobic myself, the movie totally freaked me out. Claustrophobia aside, Jim felt so alone he condemned another passenger to his own fate. Sometimes when the day is dark and things are not going so well, we too may begin to feel that we are all alone.


Once we feel completely alone, the next logical step is to wonder why we exist at all. That is a subject for another post.


The point of this post is really just to say this to all who may be feeling lost and alone. "We are NOT Alone. I know this of a surety. When we quiet our minds and connect spiritually, there is no trauma, no sadness, no depression, nothing that cannot be overcome..." Again, we are not alone! Not ever.


Wishing you exuberant joy, McCartney Green


Let's Talk! Visit with me by clicking on the "Let's Talk" tab above.  I would love to share with you the 7 keys to Unshakeable Joy.

If you are Stressed over Election Results, Feeling Despair, Read This

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 11:30 AM

If current circumstances in our nation or in the world are stressing you out and causing you pain, maybe this will help.

Everyone wants to be happy, right? I thought that once.

A few months ago I ran a survey, well, it’s really an ongoing survey on the front page of my website. It only has three questions. In a nutshell I asked people what was the one thing in their lives that caused them the most pain, the one thing they would change if they magically could change it.(Take the survey

The answers were overwhelmingly narrowed down to four things. Tho top four things were:

1. Money/finances

2. Health problems/illness

3. Relationships

4. The 2016 presidential election

I ran that survey because my goal was to help people with the thing that blocked them from their happiness. The results seem to cover a wide span of subjects, but really, if I were to get down to the real basis, people just want to be happy, and they believed that if they could change one of these main pain points then they would be happy.

I am very happy. I live in joy. But I wasn’t always like that. I am certainly no stranger to the hardships of life. There are many labels I could apply to myself. As a child....abused, neglected, and starved. Both my parents were alcoholics. We lived in poverty. I was bullied in high school. When I married I thought everything would get better. But we were destitute. I worked three jobs to keep a roof over our heads. By the time I was 39 years old, I had seven beautiful children but my marriage was crumbling, I had no idea how we were going to survive, I was sexually assaulted in a Wendy’s parking lot. Feeling alone, unloved and like my children and the world would be better off without me, I tried to take my own life. So yeah, I was at the bottom of the barrel. Now, the only reason I allow anyone to know these things about me is only so that they can know that I can identify with their pain, that I understands where they are coming from and I can indeed help them to rise up out of the ashes. But I will yell at the top of my lungs....I am NOT a victim.

As I go about the business of helping people relieve their stress and find joy and happiness, I’ve come to realize a few things. First happiness really is a choice. Usually when I say that people get pretty angry with me. They say, “Happiness is not a choice. Don’t you think I want to be happy?”

And I say, “Wanting to be happy and choosing to be happy are two different things.”

If you choose to be happy, that doesn’t mean that suddenly you will magically be happy. It means you are choosing to do what it takes to be happy. And I’m not talking about hard work. I’m talking implementing 5 to 7 keys into your life that will help you find joy. Notice I didn’t say that will help you find money, or health, or love, or a new president. It will help you find joy no matter what your circumstances.

Some will say that is impossible, to feel happy when nothing is the way you want it. But I say nothing is impossible. I know first hand. Now here is the kicker....once you begin to feel what I call, joy for no reason, the “reasons” begin showing up. You see, it’s sort of ironic, but once you begin waking up each morning with joy in your heart, your vibration rises and when that happens it turns you into a magnet for all the things that give you even a higher vibration which are the things of your fondest dreams. In other words, joy first, and become a manifesting magnet.

I actually work with people to help them find this joy, but many in the world and in our nation are in despair right now, so I will list the steps to relieving your money/health/relationship/election stress right here. I want for every single person in this world, to come together in love and joy.

Yet, here’s an even greater kicker. Many people don’t really want to be happy or joyous. They want to be victims. They want to continue in their misery. This has been made evident to me over the past several months and I am incredulous. So, I ask you, do you really want to be happy or are you a victim? If you enjoy the attention of being a victim...and victims have many labels, (assault victims, war victims, abuse victims, societal victims, racism victims,) then just admit that you don’t really want to be happy and move along. If you realize that the bottom line is you just want to be happy AND you want to have your fondest desires, then implement the following steps into your life. I guarantee it will change your life. I know this because they changed mine.

(If you would like to download the PDF, go to this link.....

Or just read it here....btw, it's not actually a book, it's simply in book form, but it is only a few pages.

Copyright ©2016 McCartney Green

All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means now known or hereafter invented, or in any information storage or retrieval system is forbidden without the written permission of McCartney Green.

Before beginning any new exercise program it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your personal physician.

This book is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed physician or counselor. The reader should consult with their doctor in any matters relating to his/her health.




Warmest of Greetings!


Welcome to YOUR free gift from me to you!


If you’re reading this I’m going to assume your mind is at least a little bit open, if not wide open. That doesn’t mean you’re stupid, or crazy or silly, it means you have the intelligence to know that there is much more going on in this world than we can experience with our five senses. With that being said, read on to find an easy step-by-step formula that if practiced daily, will open your mind to experience true, unshakeable joy, what I call joy for NO reason. The cool thing is, this joy has a delicious side-effect, and that is it will turn you into a manifesting magnet. That means you will be able to finally achieve your heart’s desires.


The following process is a daily routine that is easy to implement, takes very little time and can actually change your life. First up, I won’t make you wait.... is a list of the steps. Following that, an explanation of why each step is important.


You do not have to be religious at all to partake in this exercise, though you can be. The Universe is vibrational. Your joy and your problems, your happiness and your despair really all have to do with vibration. You may believe in a Divine power, or just the force or quantum power that is out there in the Universe, it doesn’t matter. What matters is being consistent in following these steps. The goal for this gift, and for my latest books, Messages from Transcendent Beings, AND Kino Martial Arts Student Manual, is to have everyone, religious or not, spiritual or not, confused or enlightened, master or student, Democrat or Republican, black or white, legal or not, coming together in love and joy by revving up their vibrational alignment, “pulling light” many times a day and preparing this world for what is to come. In other words, it is meant to bring everyone together in light and in love and that is absolutely possible through vibrational alignment!


You will find several items in quotes and/or italics. Unless otherwise noted, they are taken from, Messages from Transcendent Beings, We Are Not Alone, and Kino Martial Arts Student Handbook, A Guide for Every day Living with Purpose.


What you are learning here is a quick and easy way to align your personal vibration to the quantum power in the Universe, or to God, or the Angels, or your Spirit Guides or to Benevolent Beings or simply your own higher consciousness. You don’t have to dedicate hours and hours to it. It only takes a few seconds, but boy is it powerful. When you align vibrationally to a higher vibration, you find a delicious side benefit.... Joy! And Joy too has a delicious side benefit.... it turns you into a manifesting magnet!


“True joy comes through an awareness and awakening to life beyond this Earthly realm, and this awakening comes from spiritual alignment.”

~Grandmaster Eric Kino in Messages from Transcendent Beings~


Let’s get started! I won’t make you wait and read through a bunch of fluff before we get to the heart of the matter... Here are the steps right up front. Following is a quick explanation of how to easily accomplish each step!


1. Be an observer of your own thoughts

2. Let go

3. Hydrate

4. Stretch

5. Pull Light

6. Meditation/Prayer

7. Pay Attention



1. - Be an observer of your own thoughts

Everything begins with thought. There is nothing that can be done without thought, and there is nothing that can be done that is of the light without positive thought. So, observe your own thoughts. Are they positive, or are you focusing on your fear of what could happen, what might happen, on hate, on violence, on despair?


“Be an observer of your thoughts. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t be frustrated with yourself. Only observe. That is the beginning.”


When you find yourself in a bad situation, angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, stand back and simply observe your own thoughts. Do NOT try to change them. Just observe...for now.



2.- Let go


This is one of the most difficult things for people to do. Just try. Think of the very worse case scenario and then say, whatever will be will be. This letting go, this acceptance helps your mind and heart to actually relax. In my book, the boy trapped in the cave finally let’s go, though his death is imminent. This letting go is what changed his vibration and allowed him to change what was happening. Most people will find that they will have to do this step many times a day.... but always do it at least once....early in the morning is a great time.


Let go of all expectations. Let go of any negative thoughts or emotions. Let go of your need or want for anything. Simply accept all that is you right now. Say, ‘yes,’ to who you are, what you are, where you are, how you are, right now in this very moment. If you are in a place that feels pretty good, be grateful for it. If you are in a place that feels terrible, wallow in it, but either way, accept it. At this moment, you may be feeling a little bit rebellious about what I’ve just asked you to do for you may not want to accept where you are right this minute. I am not asking you to never again reach for what you desire. What I ask is a tiny adjustment in your thought, for before you reach for anything else, you must accept and say ‘yes’ to the now. The working toward goals comes later. For now, let go.

Every day, throughout your day, let go. Stop pushing. Relax. Accept. If you feel yourself tense up about anything, let go. Visualization always helps, so, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, see yourself letting go of a taut rope. You let go and you float down to land softly.

This ‘letting go’ sometimes takes practice. We are so used to gripping onto everything in life with such desperation that letting go seems impossible. Let go as if you are accepting that your life is coming to an end. Surrender. You will know when you have achieved this moment of surrender because you will suddenly experience the most freedom you have ever felt in your life. It’s a wonderful, empowering feeling.


3. - Hydrate

Water is not only perfect for flushing out impurities from our bodies, it is a super conductor and therefore, staying hydrated is an important part of the energy connection between our bodies and Source energy. It is a spiritual conduit.


4. - Stretch

You might think I’m speaking of your mind, and yes, I always ask that you ...

“Stretch your mind and open it up to new possibilities.”

“However, in this section we are actually speaking about stretching your body. Your body is more important than you may think in the seeking of vibrational alignment. In this Earthly realm, our bodies are the clear point in which the spiritual meets the physical.

“Our bodies are important, but this doesn’t mean that the only way to connect with spirit or our higher consciousness is to be physically fit, though many people who focus on health and fitness also find a beautiful spiritual connection. (Ever heard of a runner’s high?) I always recommend everyone be as fit as possible, but if you are not fit, don’t let this defeat you. You do not have to be perfectly fit to align vibrationally or spiritually. Anyone in any physical condition can reach beautiful alignment. You can be handicapped, wheelchair bound, even paralyzed. I ask you to simply stretch, for I have found that the moment we decide to stretch the body, to use it properly, to be grateful for it, the higher the vibration that moves through it, and the higher the vibration, the closer we are to the higher realms.

“How can someone who is paralyzed stretch? Remember, thoughts are an energy form. See it! Use this same principle if you have a difficult time using your body. See it. Try it. Take small steps in the right direction.

“Though I always recommend yoga, this stretching should not be difficult or complicated. Make it easy. Bend, breathe, stretch over your head, breathe, lean to the side, breathe. Hold the stretch, any stretch, for at least three breaths and then change positions. It doesn’t matter what stretches you do, as long as you are slow and gentle with your body. Be safe. Be comfortable. Breathe oxygen and light into each part of the body that you stretch and try to hit most major areas, (legs, waist, arms, chest.) Do this stretching for at least five minutes, unless you are truly enjoying it. If that is the case, stretch as long as you like.”


5. - Pull Light

This is a super easy process that takes all of two seconds. Even though it may be the shortest part of everything so far, it may very well be the most important part. I hesitate to say that, because each of these keys are important. It’s like a combination lock. However, I cannot stress enough how important this step is. It has changed my own day and my circumstances hundreds of times now. Here’s what you do:


“See a bright light coming from the heavens toward the top of your head, (the crown chakra.) Some people like to embellish this procedure, seeing it come from a distant galaxy, to the Milky Way, to the solar system, to our planet, through the atmosphere, through the roof of the building they are occupying and finally into their bodies through the top of their heads. Some people see this as the light of Christ, some see it as coming from the finger of God, some from a star. I don’t embellish mine so much, for it is not necessary. I find the simpler I make things, the better they work for me. However, others feel the exact embellish away if want!


“I usually begin by saying these words in my mind, “I call upon the light of Source,” or, “I call upon the light of God,” or a fun one I like to use, “Power Shield activated!” (Makes me feel like a superhero, lol!) As I speak the words I immediately ‘see,’ (visualize,) the light burst from the heavens into the crown of my head. I ‘see’ this light move all the way through my body. I ‘see’ this light increase in brightness and volume as it fills my body, moves through my body and exits. If I am standing I ‘see’ this light exit through my fingertips and soles of my feet to continue on into the Earth and all the way to the Earth’s core. If I am sitting, I ‘see’ this light exit my body through the root chakra and again, continue down into the Earth’s core.

“Sometimes I pulse this light in huge bursts and sometimes I just let it flow. Do what feels the best to you. Say what feels the most comfortable to you. If you are not religious at all, simply call upon the communal light of the Universe. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is you are “pulling light” through your body.

“For, where there is light, there can be no darkness.”

“Now, you must understand that when you are visualizing this light coming through your body, indeed, that is exactly what is happening.

“Your thoughts are energy and what you think and what you say and what you visualize, IS. Thought energy exists.”


When you first begin to do this, you may not feel anything. Eventually though, you will. When I first began to feel something, after a few weeks of doing this almost constantly, (that is, every time I thought about it during the course of my day,) it was a strange feeling in my little finger on my left hand. I realized that whenever I pulled light, my finger would stick out and curve in a strange way as if I were being electrocuted. I realized I could actually feel this power as it moved through me and I knew then that what I was visualizing truly was taking place.


Now it sounds like I am asking you to do a long light meditation. That is not what this is. It is a two second whoosh of light and power moving through you. I call upon the light and whoosh, it is done. Take longer if you want, but I have found that a fast explosion of light is easier for most people and makes them more willing to do it. So.... pull light, two seconds, it is done. Great job!


Like the feeling? Want more? Do it again. Do it three times in a row, or five, or sit with it for as long as you like. The point is, everyone can do two seconds. So do it!


6. - Meditation/Prayer


Meditation and prayer, though similar, are not the same. I actually use both. My prayer is usually a statement of gratitude, a statement of intention and an asking for divine guidance. My meditation is a quieting of the mind for if we do not quiet the mind, we will not hear the messages that come to us. These messages may be from God, from a Divine source, from our higher selves, from our eternal families or from any source of light. I highly encourage you to pull light and be attuned only to sources of love and light. To do anything else is foolhardy and could be dangerous. I am a warrior of light and I do not compromise with evil or dark and negative forces.


I will not instruct how to pray, for each person’s religion or spirituality is different. Do what you feel good about.


From Grandmaster Eric Kino about meditation:

“How do we meditate? There are no firm rules, though some disciplines will tell you that their way is the best way. What I think about that is – YOUR way is the best way. In other words, whatever you instinctually feel comfortable with is the way you should go. The best for one is not the best for all.”


Here is what I teach my students: Simply sit or lie down comfortably, take a few deep cleansing breaths and then just breathe normally, in and out anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. The longer you take, the more inspiration flows.

Now, you may have heard that you should focus on your breath. The reason for that is to keep your mind from wandering and thinking about a thousand different things, which we, as humans, have a tendency to do. Focusing on your breath as it enters and leaves your body is the simplest and closest thing to our goal, which is, no thought at all. Breathing is an instinctive action and doesn’t require much effort. Your mind will wander away from your breathing, and when you realize it has done that, simply bring it back to the breath, in, and out. Do NOT feel like you’ve failed because your mind wandered, for that would bring negative emotion. Be kind to yourself. Be forgiving of yourself. Love yourself. You are a beautiful creation capable of much good, love and light. Let go. Be a light.


I have a trick I use when my mind is being particularly active, racing all over the place because I am upset or worried or stressed or in despair. It’s a visualization. I simply see a body of water, a lake, a pool, a quiet stream, a bird bath.... I see it with waves or ripples and slowly I see the surface calm and the water become still. It is very relaxing. Try it.


7. - Pay Attention


You may ask, “Pay attention to what?” To everything. To synchronicities that happen throughout your day. To the person sitting across from you on the bus. To the birds chirping over your head. Listen. Watch. Be the observer of life. Remember the positive thoughts. The inspired thought will come. The “aha” moments will come. The meeting of a key person will happen. You will begin to see things from a higher perspective and your fears and anxieties will melt away. You will begin to feel joy.


There are no such things as coincidences. The Universe is not random. Everything, EVERYTHING, happens for a reason. When you are thinking of someone and they call you out of the blue, it is not random, nor a coincidence. When you pay attention to all the things that are happening around you, you will begin to see the correlations. If we choose to simply ignore the signs we are given, then the signs will stop coming.


There was a time recently when I was having a hard day. I began to feel a little bit alone, a little bit disconnected, and so I pulled light, and meditated. I directed my thoughts to my “heavenly messengers” with whom I usually communicate. I told them, I was feeling alone and disconnected and asked for a “sign,” of some kind. Then I remembered the bible says “Do not ask for a sign,” and so I said, “Oops, sorry, I guess I’m not supposed to ask for sign,” and the message came into my head clearly. “That is a fallacy. Of course we want you to see the signs. We send them to you everyday. They are all around you, all of you. So go ahead, ask, but once you do, you must be aware, you must pay attention. The signs are everywhere.”

Now, there are some things that will also come that are not inspired. Use your gut to tell the difference. Being able to discern is a skill. For example, I have visions, but I am sent these visions from both the forces of light and those of darkness.

Quick Side note: Yes, there really are forces of both light and darkness, regardless of what the Law of Attraction gurus say. That’s why I am currently writing a new book about the LOA. The LOA people say there are not “dark forces,” out there, only what you attract to yourself, but that is really not the full story. They have not lied, but kept the real story from you for perfectly good reasons. I am offering disclosure in When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work - The Secret You Haven’t Been Told. Be on the look out for it.


Back to the point about my visions. The “good” visions never frighten, are only positive or give hope. The dark visions are filled with taunts and hatred and ugliness. I am sharing this with you for a reason. You see, just before I see a vision, a vibration moves through my body. I use to not be able to tell who the vision was from until I actually saw it. Now, I can tell from the feeling of the vibration and I can immediately pull light and raise my vibration so that I am not affected by the darkness. It took me a while to get it, but I am now pretty good at discerning from where my messages are coming.


Also, listen, even, to your mind chatter. I spoke at a conference about the words that came into my mind and how I knew I was being led in a certain direction. After the conference a woman asked me how I was able to differentiate between normal mind chatter and the inspired thoughts that may come. I explained to her that sometimes I can’t. Sometimes it seems just like my own mind just going a mile a minute, but then, some little coincidence/synchronicity, will occur that lets me know that what I was thinking was indeed the inspiration for which I’d been searching. However, I wouldn’t have noticed the synchronicity if I hadn’t been “paying attention.”


So, listen to your mind chatter, listen to the world, pay attention. It doesn’t take very long at all before you realize things in this world are not what they seem. There is much more going on behind the scenes than we know or realize. And it is MARVELOUS!


As you persist in following these 7 easy-to-implement steps you will become more and more in tune, and before you know it, you will begin to have amazing, joyous, inspired things happen in your life. Or if you already did, it will begin to be at a much higher rate and much more controllable. Your connection will grow stronger and stronger every day.


As I love to say, there is a delicious side-effect to following these 7 steps, for they are steps to overcoming stress, depression and suddenly realizing the feeling of a deep, true, wonderful joy, the joy that comes from a high vibrational alignment.


Of course, you can always take this deeper. If you are truly struggling and want help, you can schedule a free one hour Personal Life Transformation Strategy session. We will discuss your current situation and help you get on a road for total life transformation!

Just go here:


For now, be in joy. Follow the 7 steps in this gift and if you would like to share your progress, please write me at

Eric Kino Quotes

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 9:00 AM

More fun with quotes from Grandmaster Eric Kino!       Now up for pre-order at Amazon...

Messages from Transcendent Beings

We Are NOT Alone

A Super Easy Guide for Spiritual Alignment,

Self-Help and Personal Development

Stumbling Down the Correct Path

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 10:20 PM

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Was I stumbling....or was I being watched over....or maybe a little bit of both.

God, the Universe and Baby Birds

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 10:55 PM

I was moving some old blog pieces to my new blog spot and found this little story I wrote about the blessing these baby birds helped to give me. I decided to reshare.

This picture was taken two years ago. It is a picture of baby birds in a plant that I move from inside my home each spring to sit outside in the shade of the eave of my house. Here's the story...true story.

I woke up this morning with a terrible feeling in the pit of

my stomach. I felt sad, or troubled, like there was some impending doom.

I didn't want to begin my day in such a negative way so I immediately tried to quiet my mind. I "pulled light", a meditation techinique I like to use. It is usually empowering and calming.

This particular morning however, it did not do the trick, at least not immediately. I was having a difficult time shaking this feeling of despair. My vibration was very low. So, I then prayed, asking for guidance and asking for assistance in changing my vibration. I usually meditate after prayer, so that I can calm my mind enough to actually "hear" the whisperings of my soul. Yet, when I rose and dressed, I realized I was still feeling the same blah, troubled feeling.

I went about my usual morning activities and went outside to water my tomato plant and flowers. One of the plants I water is a large ‘Wondering Jew’ potted plant that sits under the eaves of my house just outside the sunroom. A few weeks earlier I’d discovered a bird had built a nest in this pot under the leaves of the plant. Every morning, when I water the plant, the little bird flies out of the nest and then comes back when I walk away. I have peeked inside of the nest a few times and saw five or six beautiful dark blue eggs with white swirls. This day, I peeked in again. . . and was horrified.

Apparently, the baby birds had hatched. And now, the nest, which was very deep, was filled with water and the baby birds were floating under the water, mouths gaping open, still…dead. Gasping, I dropped the hose and stood back, tears coming to my eyes immediately. It may sounds silly to some, but the horror and despair I felt at that moment, knowing I’d killed those sweet new babies just overwhelmed me. 


I rushed into the house, crying to my husband about what I’d done.  He was slightly sympathetic, trying to convince me that it wasn’t my fault, that I didn’t realize they’d hatched. But all I could think was how stupid I was, that I should have been more careful, that I’d destroyed something beautiful, something innocent. I'd taken away that mother’s current reason for being. If only I could take it all back and do it over again.  I knew I was acting was silly. There are so many more serious things going down in the world right now to waste tears over a few baby birds. War, murder, children being hurt and abused, starvation, etc.. My mind went back to the bad feeling I’d started the day with and thought, "Oh no! My bad feelings are perpetuating! What else may go wrong? How do I stop this train?!

My son and granddaughter were visiting and after I’d cried about this for a time, they decided to go out and see the tragic site firsthand. They came back in and reported that my original diagnosis was wrong. The birds were alive, breathing, sleeping, and whatever water had been in the nest had now drained away. It was almost too good to be true and at first I thought maybe they were teasing me. But they had me go see for myself and I came back inside all smiles, a huge weight lifted off my chest. And for the next several hours, that wonderful feeling of relief and elation and joy and miracles and wonder kept coming back to me.

It was then that I realized, my prayer HAD been answered. The feeling of despair was gone. My vibration had indeed risen to soaring heights.And why was it back? How did that happen? It was gratitude. Gratitude was back. My gratitude for life and for every single living thing was back.

 I’d asked for help fully believing I’d get it. But I'd left my room feeling disappointed. I'd forgotten to count my blessings. I'd forgotten to be grateful. I'd had a little bit of faith that I would receive help in raising my vibration, which is why I asked for help in the first place. The asking always shows a bit of faith or why would we ask if we didn't believe we would receive and answer? The help I was given was a miracle.

In hindsight, it is so easy to see how all it took to raise my vibration and get rid of the blah feeling was a little divine wisdom shown to me in the form of the miracle of baby birds. I was reminded of the importanace of living in gratitude..... gratiude for each tiny insignificant little life.

And so now, I will say...I am grateful for this small divine intervention that helped me to understand the power of living in gratitude. I am grateful for feeling such a strong spiritual connection and for the absolute knowledge I have that when I appeal to the loving powers that be, I WILL receive just what I need!