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Quotes (Moved from the guestbook comments) Just finished Six Angels...oh, my DOD!! (As my 2 year old says) From the moment you start to the end it's non-stop action, hot sex, love etc. I am in love with Keegan and Lizzy and her girls are FABULOUS! I didn't put it down from the moment I began to read it. I'm waiting to get Expendable from McCartney Green and my hands feel lonely without a book in it from her. Don't even care to read another author AT ALL. Can't wait until an agent with any sense publishes her so we can just go to the store and pick them up whenever we NEED to. that? I need a Keegan Lizzy fix..a Eric Shelly fix, a Bree and Ricky fix, a Chaz and Lisa fix--it feels like the movie is over too soon and I'm in love with these people as if I really know them. No I'm not a crazy lady--JUST A REGULAR WOMAN mommy of three, married 10 years love my job teaching personal fitness and LOVE REAL ROMANCE NOVELS--- keep on keeping on MG. Quotes
Eryn Porter
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