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Quotes After finishing the fourth McCartney Green novel, I still can't get enough. The characters of you're books have touched my heart. I have lived the stories right along with them. Everything is so real. You are amazing!~Amy Hines~ Quotes
Amy Hines
Can't get enough...

Quotes Dandelions Never Die is a story that grabs you and pulls you inside of it. You simply cant get enough. I'm still waiting on the sequel. But it is honestly some of the best romance I've read in a long time and I look forward to more great works from this brilliant author. ~Shavonia~ Quotes
Can't get enough from this brilliant author...

Quotes I absolutely loved Dandelions. Shelley was an emotionally scarred person in many ways and thru your book we saw her grow strong and very much hold her own! Thank you for the pleasure of your wonderful work. ~Laine~ Quotes
Pleasure of your work...

Quotes Just wanted you to know I loved all your books. Now, I am doing something I only do with my all time favorites. I am going back and reading them again. Thanks for sharing your gift. ~Glenna~ Quotes
All-time favorites

Quotes I don't often take time to read romance novels, but this one really pulls you in. The charaters unfold in a very captivating manner and leave you wanting to know what's next. ~Lynda Pittman~ Quotes
Lynda Pittman
Pulls you in...

Quotes Hi McCartney, Your book is fabulous, thanks very much for sending it to me. You have a unique talent for writing. ~Shena~ Quotes

Quotes Who would have thought that a romance novel could hold the attention of a GUY. But that's what happened, despite my plans to the contrary, I spent the whole weekend reading this page turner. A perfect balance of romance and action. ~Bill~ Quotes
GUY says novel is a page turner...

Quotes I have read everything you have put out and have been patiently waiting for more. I love them all as they are all unique and different. Can't wait for more. Glenna (a thankful fan) ~Glenna~ Quotes
Patiently Waiting

Quotes I have read Four Days. It was AMAZING!! I could see every moment and felt as if I were Caroline. McCartney Green is an awesome writer! ~Megan Pline~ Quotes
Megan Pline

Quotes I loved the book Dandelions Never Die. It was so beautifully written. I feel like I could relate to the characters. Can't wait to read more!!! ~Lindsay S.~ Quotes
Lindsay S.
Beautifully written...