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Let Go to Be Happy

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM




Let go of the past. It’s a hard thing to do.


Lately I’ve tried to listen and be super-conscious of the people around me and what they are actually saying. I’m amazed by how many people continuously put themselves down for the mistakes they’ve made in the past.


Have we beaten ourselves up enough? Let’s go ahead, and give ourselves one more swift kick, one more good slap, and then, well, we just gotta let it go.


Let’s use the past only to learn from our mistakes and move on.


Let’s think of the past only in gratitude for lessons learned, experience gained, and things accomplished.


Let’s turn our heads and thoughts to the present. Let’s really “see” what is happening right in front of us. Is the sun shining? Is the sky blue? Did someone just smile at you in line at the store?


Let’s really listen to the sounds going on right now. Is there a child giggling? A bird singing, a bell ringing, a song playing on the radio? People laughing, car horn beeping, computer keys clicking? TV blaring?


Let’s learn how to be really present in what is going on in our lives this very moment, and the next and the next.


Let’s let go of any stressing about the future too.



Let go of the past. It’s a hard thing to do. Lately I’ve tried to listen and be super-co


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