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                                                         My Story

I absolutely love to write. It is my true bliss. I began writing the Dandelions Never Die series when my own life was falling apart. My first marriage was coming to an end. On top of that, I was emotionally traumatized by a sexual assault, which led to an attempted suicide. I haven’t told many people that last part. I’m sharing now in an effort at being completely honest, which I know also makes me completely vulnerable. This was back in 1994. Something else happened that year. Something that until now I haven't told people about, mostly because I was a coward. I thought people would think I was crazy. I wasn't sure how to hand what happened and so I simply pushed it aside to tend to another day. Well, that day has come. That "something else" is why I started writing in the first place and is something I can't deny.

Let me begin by saying this...I know of a surety that we as humans are not alone in this world. I know that there is much more going on behind the scenes, things that are beyond our five senses. I ask that people open their minds, draw no conclusions and just think...what if. 

I began writing because of an amazing spiritual experience, a miracle really, which I speak about when I speak to groups. I had a "heavenly visitor" who instructed me to begin writing. So, I did. When I penned those first few pages of Dandelions Never Die, it was like a balm to my soul and I couldn’t stop. I hadn’t intended to help anyone other than myself. However, when one of the first responses I received from a reader in Texas, someone I didn’t know at all, was a ‘thank you’ for helping her to heal, it struck a spark in me. It touched a chord that began to hum softly at first, and then grew louder. I hadn’t understood why I had been asked to write, though I was beginning to understand.

Yet, I still had my doubts, not in the message I’d been given but in my ability to carry it out. Though I was a voracious reader and though English Lit was my favorite subject in high school, I had no formal college education. How could I write? I asked that question and the still small voice came to me: “Just write.” And so, going on faith and intuition, I did.

It was as I neared the end of writing the 8th book, that I realized the entire series of Dandelions Never Die was about women who have had to overcome great obstacles, great traumas which they overcame. By that time I’d heard many times from readers who felt empowered, encouraged, loved and inspired by the stories I was telling. I became dedicated to helping women discover who they are and helping them to become who they want to be. My goal became that through my little stories I can help others to empower themselves, to heal, to become enlightened and awakened, to discover their innate power to create their world and to find joy and love in all they do. Those were worthy goals and I didn’t want to give up on them. 

I did not have the means to go back to school and so I tried to make up for my lack of formal education by taking online writing classes, joining writing groups, and participating in writing seminars. I found some of those to be very enlightening and a huge help, and others to be ego driven vessels which were very discouraging, but I leaned to discern, so it was all good.

I chose to go the way of Indie writer, for many reasons, the main one being that I wasn’t willing to follow certain formulas and certain rules. However, being an ‘independent’ means I’m on my own. I put all 8 books in the series up as The Dandelions Series on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook, and other e-book venues, and also in print on Amazon, (which were also available in book stores per request.) I received many great reviews and a few not so great reviews, mostly due to typos and grammatical errors in the books. I’ve always felt things deeply and admittedly have a thin skin and those last reviews really hurt me. I was devastated. I knew as an Indie it was up to me to make sure my books were error-free or lose credibility as a writer.

Of course, I know the difference between their, they’re and there, or when to use it’s and its, etc., still, I am amazed at how often, in the passion of writing a scene, I accidentally used the wrong word(s). Reading back over my words, again and again, I was able to catch some errors. However, it is almost impossible to edit one’s own work. My husband being disabled and I his caretaker, I was without the means to hire a professional proofreader or editor, so, I had to do the best I could. I shopped the books out to several volunteers, English teachers included, who were kind enough to help with finding errors, though still, some remained.

In the meantime, I had tragedy in my life. On October 12, 2013, my first husband, to whom I was very close, passed away suddenly. My children were (and still are,) devastated, and so was I. That devastation added to not having the heart to finish my next book, which I’d been working on for over a year, plus the bad review about the typos, well, I let it all get to me. I was so upset by those last reviews, which were written by one woman and copied and pasted on almost every book I had up on Amazon, that I took my books down. I figured no one would even notice. I felt defeated. I thought I should just forget about writing. I felt like a failure.  Yet, deep inside, something kept pushing me to get back in the saddle. I’d lost faith in myself, but I just could not deny the catalyst that had started me on this journey, that heavenly visitation, and so, a year after my first husband’s death, and after much soul-searching, I decided to go through the books, update, revise, revamp and correct the best I can and put them back up. The name of the series has changed from The Dandelions Series to Dandelions Never Die - The Series, to reflect that in each book a dandelion doesn’t die, but comes back bright, strong, beautiful and in balanced harmony. I will eventually get to the next romantic series, but all this brought me to a new and exciting adventure in my life! An inspirational/personal development non-fiction book that is coming soon! [Messages from Transcendent Beings] The story of how that book came to be is in the preface of the book. Miracles do happen. I am being led on quite a journey and I am passionately writing and speaking about that journey! 

Now that I'm back in the saddle and hard at work, I've realized I've learned some things during this process. I’ve learned to not read my own reviews. I’ve learned I can’t please everyone. I’ve learned that people aren’t always kind and aren’t always constructive when giving criticism, but that most people are loving and compassionate. And a big thing, I’ve learned to not let anyone steal my joy. I’ve learned to be honest with others and with myself. I've learned to live in gratitude more than ever.  I’m grateful for everything, even criticism, for it helps me to learn and become even better at my craft. I’ve also learned it’s okay to ask for what I want, and here it is: I want millions of readers to read my words and be touched, entertained, healed and changed for the better. I wish for every single person to have intense love and exuberant joy in their lives.  I know, I know, I’m not asking for much, huh?

Now, my turn is over. It’s your turn! I sincerely love to hear from my readers and always answer all my emails. Please write me at . . .
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                                       More About McCartney Green

Award winning author and speaker... For speaking topics and specialties go here!

McCartney Green began writing as her first marriage was coming to an end. Like many women, she’d lost herself under the labels of wife and mother. But she found herself again when she picked up the pen. McCartney was both excited and sad to have completed Book 8 of The Dandelions Series. The Kino family will be missed... but who knows, may be back with a surprise one day...hint hint.

McCartney has seven extremely loving children and thirteen amazing grandchildren, who she says are her teachers in all things. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her second husband, where she alternates between writing, speaking to women's groups and “playing in the dirt.”

In her words.....

"I didn’t know I wanted to write when I was young. Like many women, during my first marriage, I lost myself under the labels of wife and mother. It was 26 years later, that not only was my marriage coming to an end but at that same time I was sexually assaulted in a Wendy’s parking lot. Because of the extreme upheaval taking place in my life, I began searching for answers and ended up taking an amazing spiritual journey. That is when I found writing.
"I started out trying to keep a journal, a therapy of sorts, but I quickly found I don’t like to make journal entries. Too tedious. So, instead, I turned to trying to write my life story. But, with my marriage crumbling and being the victim of an assault, I didn’t like the way that was turning out so I simply changed the ending to something happier. Now THAT was really fun, and of course there was no harm in writing in a handsome hunky hero for some spice. But, then I had to change some of the beginning stuff in order for the story to flow to get to the better ending and finally I found myself writing total fiction. The light went on. I discovered I had an affinity for the telling of sexy, suspenseful, action-packed tales. "Writing is my absolute bliss,” I tell anyone who asks, and some who don’t. Give me a choice between Disneyworld  and staying home to write, I would choose to write. A week on the beach or write... well, okay, I choose the beach, but  only if I can take my laptop.

"The very first story was written in spiral notebooks. When I was finally able type it up, I was truly surprised to find it totaled 1500 typed pages! A few friends asked to read what I was writing and they not only read the entire thing, but said things like, “It was so good, I didn’t want it to end.” You’re kidding? You didn’t want 1500 pages to end?

"Anyway, so, all bolstered up by the opinion of a few friends I gathered up my giant manuscript and presented it to a few publishers. At the time I knew nothing about the publishing industry so I was very indignant when they turned me down. I’m sure they had a good laugh.  

"I realized then I had a lot to learn. I took classes, attended workshops, and joined the Georgia Romance Writers. I remember at one meeting a published author was speaking to the group and encouraging everyone to finish their manuscripts by writing five pages a day. She then pointed at me. “Except you,” she said. “You take away five pages a day.”

"That was several years ago and I did what she said. I took away and I took away, which, by the way, is a very hard thing to do. It’s like cutting off little pieces of your body. Finally I had it down to less than 500 pages. One book done. But I didn’t stop there. Being prolific, I dove right into another one and then another story and another. Next thing I knew I had written eight novels. They all tied, one way or another, into the same family from the first novel. The Kino family.

"First you have gorgeous and legendary Martial Arts Master, Eric Kino. On his softer side, he is a lonely widower who has dedicated himself to his only son. That son is movie star, Ricky Kino, a hunk in his own right. Shelley Adams, assaulted as she walked in a park in the middle of the afternoon, is struggling with the aftermath, which includes the end of her first marriage. Her life changes when she runs into Eric and he takes her on as a student. Shelley’s daughter Bree, is a wannabe actress, and Shelley’s two younger sons, Mark and Joey will, of course, grow up to be devastating leading men themselves.

"All this has morphed into the series, Dandelions Never Die.

"I have been so blessed and I am go grateful for the great reviews my books have received.

"It’s one thing when a friend or relative gives you a great review and writes it on Amazon, but the ones that really blow me away are the ones where I don’t know them at all, just someone who read my book and loved it enough to want to tell others about it. One reader said her favorite author used to be VC Andrews (author of Flowers In the Attic,) but now McCartney Green is her new fav. That blew me away.

"Another reader told me she thought I was an angel sent to heal people with my words. Well, I can safely say, I’m no angel. Still, her words touched me and reminded me of my recent spiritual awakening.
"I’ve had great reviews from men and I think it’s because my books have a lot of action and suspense... or gee, I guess it could be the sex.  

"Still, the most often repeated comment I get from most everyone is... “I couldn’t put it down.”

"I’m so grateful to have received several five-star reviews. Well except from Coffee Time Romance who gave me a five ‘cup’ review. It’s pretty hard to turn your work over to someone and know that whatever they think about your work is going to be posted and there is no getting them to change their opinion. Pretty scary.
"I was totally surprised that my book, Six Angels, had been recommended for and received an award by the person who reviewed the book! The email stated it was because the reviewer felt the book went way above and beyond a mere 5 star rating!

"This comment sums up what readers are saying about The Dandelions Series."

“I’ve recently finished up the sixth book in McCartney Green’s Dandelions Series. I got way more than I expected because the Dandelions Series is way more than romance. Sure the books are sexy, have hunky guys, pretty ladies and happy endings, but it’s the ride to that happy ending that is so much fun. I literally couldn’t put the book down. I neglected other pressing matters because I had to see what happens next. And later, when I wasn’t reading, I actually found myself thinking about the characters as if they were real. McCartney Green books include lots of action, suspense, intricate plots, and crazy twists and turns. They are gritty, sexy, at times funny, action-packed, educational, surprisingly, very inspirational and lastly, thoroughly entertaining. They make women want to be stronger better women. I can’t say enough about these books and I can’t wait for number 7 which she promises will be out soon.”
"Of course, that comment was sent to me before I'd finished the series. It’s comments like that one that keep me going, keep me grateful and humble me.

"My novels tend to address serious women's issues and I am an advocate for the empowerment of women. If you haven't read the "Did You Know" page, please take the time to do so. It's surprising in this day and age that these things are still so very common. Knowledge is power. Spread the word.

"Can you believe that I've actually received hate mail  from some men who were angry that I would dare speak out about violence against women? I admit, the things they said in their emails shook me up. If they do that to me, imagine what they do to the women in their lives. Fortunately not all men are like that. I am definitely no "man-hater," which I think is obvious from my books. I love men. Good, gentle, strong, loving, confident men who treat the women in their lives with love and respect. Here's to ya! Peace out."


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