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  What would life be like for you if you woke up each morning with a smile on your face,


joy in your heart,tons of energy and raring to go?

What would life be like for you if you realized that all of your fondest dreams
were suddenly coming true?
How would it feel to be able to help others find their happiness and to
 bring amazing light to this world?



   A Joyful Speaker 
"Uplifting, Empowering"

                   *  How to feel absolute joy, even on your worse days

                          * Why joyful living makes us better leaders, better teachers, better at our business 

                   *  Financial woes? How to achieve all of your desires thru joyful living

                   *  Discover a two-second technique that can change your life

                   *  Learn the #1 thing that causes disconnect and stress





A Life Coach/Spiritual Mentor



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An Author of 14 Books



McCartney Green is the author of 14 books.

Let's talk about this for a moment because those books are very much about what she is and what she represents.

Every single one of McCartney's books from Book 1 of the Dandelions Never Die 8 book fiction series all the way to the most recent release, Michael's Dream - The Man in the Mirror have been divinely inspired to:

                        *Help us all reach for something more

                        *Help us know that there really is more to life than what we can experience with out five senses

                        *Inspire us to become all we can be.


The encoded messages are there to help each of us to rise up and touch the sky!


Many of the reviews on Amazon, [even the fiction books,] talk about being touched by her writing and that her books changed them into a different person, into a new and better version of themselves. 

Harness YOUR Inner Power NOW!









Both Fiction and Non-Fiction



Non-Fiction:  McCartney's non-fiction titles are growing in number. They include subjects like spirituality, living in joy, finding happiness, overcoming racial tensions in America, overcoming trauma and depression and making the Law of Attraction work in your favor. In the book pictured.....
Written as allegorical memoirs of the Grandmaster Eric Kino, this non-fiction personal development book brings clarity to many of life's greatest questions. Does God exist? Why do some people die tragically and others seem to be favored or blessed or miraculously saved? How should we live so that we can be happy and/or make a difference in the world?

Grandmaster Eric Kino is a "heavenly messenger" who actually, and quite miraculously, appeared to the author back in 1994. McCartney Green immediately began writing fiction stories based on this messenger in her series, Dandelions Never Die. Now, through miraculous circumstances, McCartney Green feels she has been directed to write Eric Kino's memoirs in order to share his wisdom with the world in hopes that his words will heal and bring light to everyone. 
One of the goals of this book is to encourage the religious and the spiritual to work together, for if they do the world will be filled with light, which will bring about miraculous changes. It shows the relationship between all religions and beliefs and brings them together. There is so much more to this world than we can experience with our five senses.

Would you like to travel beyond the waterfall and see what's really going on in our world?

Grandmaster Kino teaches us how to bring light to any situation, how to be at peace with one's self, how to live in love and yet, be a warrior, but mostly how to find joy.  If you struggle with depression, sadness, stress, for any reason, Eric’s outline for fast and easy spiritual alignment and connection can heal you from any trauma, lift your burdens and give you peace.

Are you a peaceful warrior who wishes to share your love with the world, be a light warrior, a light flow-er, and watch the world blossom? Or are you one who feels lost, is in pain and is searching for that ever elusive happiness? Follow the easy and divine plan in the last chapter of this book and feel your spirits rise, your connection to the divine come alive and your heart swell with joy! Sometimes we tend to complicate things. The plan is easy and simple, as it should be. 













    Fiction: Dandelions Never Die 8 Book Series

"More than your normal fluffy romance novels...gritty, empowering, entertaining love stories about real women facing real traumas."


I have gifts for YOU!

First -  Get YOUR Complimentary Copy of the first book in the series!

Book 1 is a sexy, suspenseful, action-packed adventure into the world of a regular mom who is devastated by a sexual assault and goes searching for empowerment in order to heal her heart. When she runs into Master Eric Kino, she finds herself the pawn in a deadly game of revenge. This is where it all started.

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Or, simply get your free copy on Kindle or one of the other publishers whose logos appear below. 

Added Bonus! ...once you have Book 1, look in either the first few pages or the last few pages and find the URL or link to get Book 2 as well!

That's two books for YOU!

 Learn more about the original series!



   Current News!
Coming out July 29th, 2017!!
Exclusive on Amazon
You know how "they" say we're a generation of wanting instant gratification and then we're reminded that instead we must work hard for what we get? Well, that's not necessarily true. If you are trying to find how to be happy and not only that, how to also have some or all of the things you want in life, please know that it IS possible. And it's not hard. It's actually easy and fast if you simply follow the 7 keys in this book. The keys are also easy and quick to do! Two seconds is not an exaggeration. The most important thing you can do that gives you the instant gratification mentioned above only takes two seconds! It's a technique that can not only change your life, but could change the world!

You can be filled with joy and you don't have to pull up and examine all of the things in your life that have ever occurred to figure out why you're not happy. You only have to follow the keys in an easy daily routine.

Sadness and depression will fall away. Stress and worry will cease. Your natural energy will return. Seeming miracles will begin to occur. Your health will improve, both physical and emotional. Your mood will change. You will be able to overcome trauma that has occurred in your life. You will be led to the right people, the right places to bring about your heart's desires.

McCartney Green's life went from depression and drudgery and struggle to freedom and joy and living a life she'd never dreamed possible.
 Now Available as of June 25th, 2017!!
Exclusive on Amazon
 New Non-Fiction:
"Uplifting, raw, honest."
An honest, divinely inspired book about ending racial tensions in America and in the world. "Don't you think it's time?"
Book release, June 25th, 2017
"McCartney Green's book should open your eyes, your mind and heart to a greater place for us to be in this day and time. After I read "Michael's Dream", i reread it. A new book about where we have come from and where are we going. I personally believe in Spirits, helping guide us through our world each day. I felt her words and the need for us to come together as a nation and as a world. One person can make a start with their light and bring others into their own light. In her book, McCartney gives you information to help you find your Light and ways for us to become better people. Use the very informative words shared by McCartney Green and I believe we can change our world for our children to live in. Thank you McCartney Green for writing this book, that can and will change our way of living our lives."
~Jacqueline O'Dell~


“...controversial but this is how change happens.”
“The author is gutsy in writing this book and with all that is going on right now in the world it gives me hope that the world will change for the better.” 
Get your copy now!

McCartney Green presenting at:
 5-9 p.m.
Atlanta Residence Inn Atlanta Midtown
Peachtree at 17th 1365 Peachtree Street Atlanta, Georgia 30309
A Light in the Darkness
"Reading is my addiction. Days can pass me by because I get so lost in books. McCartney Green's books do that to me. I get so wrapped up in her books. Her Dandelions Never Die Series touched me deeply, so much so that I have reread them over and over again and even wrote and asked her for more. Everyone experiences things in life that change them and that series changed me. It reminded me that we can overcome anything if we so choose. Her way of writing and making it real, inspiring, motivational, and empowering are reasons why I love her work so much.
Messages from Transcendent Beings once again touched deep into my soul and made me take a step back and evaluate my life. I love the fact that this book made me think, and I mean really think. I will reread it because I know that there are important messages that I need and I don't want to miss any. McCartney's writing does that, it makes you want to open up and learn and fight for your life. She believes you and your life are important and her writing reflects that. Eric Kino's Memoirs, (Messages from Transcendent Beings,) just like the Dandelions Never Die Series, shows that belief. McCartney Green, you are a light in the darkness and I'm thankful for your books, your love of writing, your love of sharing, and your love of people. Thank You. I can't wait to read more of your light and love."
 ~Shannon Nichole Donovan~
Higher Being Speaking Through Her 
"Through reading the series, "Dandelions Never Die," I have come to see Eric Kino as a friend and mentor and was thrilled that this new book (Messages from Transcendent Beings,) offered a deeper glimpse into his life's history and belief system. One of many things I found noteworthy was the stark difference in voice between McCartney Green's prologue and the body of the book, leaving no doubt that a higher being was speaking through her. I read this book and literally felt an all caps 'YES' vibrate through my body in response to the truths presented. I highly recommend any one who is looking for spiritual guidance, inner peace, or harnessing their inner power to pick this book up. Since finishing the book I have followed the main truths Eric outlines near the end and have already noticed a more patient and present demeanor as well as more powerful outcomes to my intentions."
~Jessica Jaccar~ 

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                              First Ever Reader Comment 10 Years Ago

  Healing and Empowering Women

"McCartney, I have just finished your beautiful romance story! I want to read the sequel. 'Dandelions' is so inspiring, I think that maybe you are an angel sent to heal people with your words. Thanks so much!"

~Stacey Gene~ Texas 

                                                     Coming soon.......


When the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work- The Secret You Haven't Been Told


Two Seconds to Joy

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